In The Brickyard

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In The Brickyard
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-40 Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam

Artisanal Bakes & Cakes

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 4
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $7 per person.


Founded back in April 2014 by 3 enterprising artisan bakers (affectionately known as D, K, and J), In The Brickyard started as a home kitchen / bakery, churning out tasty, artfully done cakes and cupcakes from the founder's homes. In The Brickyard finally opened their 1st permanent store in Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam, in March 2015, bringing more of their creative cakes to the public.

Ambience at In The Brickyard is shared with every other stall in Salute Coffee Shop / Salut Kopitiam. Functional, decent furniture, bright lighting, and the garish, iconic, blue checkered tablecloth. Service at In The Brickyard is partial self-service, where ordering and payment is done over the counter, but orders are served to your table. The owners are pretty friendly and chatty, and will engage you in conversation. As all their cakes / pastries are made by them in-house, they're extremely knowledgable about their products, able to make solid recommendations, as well as share tips for takeaway orders. They also accept special customized cake orders, though you'll have to order in advance!

Food at In The Brickyard primarily consists of Western / American style, sweet dessert cakes and cupcakes, with some elements of Southeast Asian cuisine, resulting in modern fusion creations. Their cakes and cupcakes generally have good flavour, and feature unique flavours. While their cupcake flavours are more or less consistent, their cake flavours are changed on a daily basis, and I've never seen the same flavour twice! Portions are nicely sized, and best shared amongst friends. Prices are reasonable as well, budget about SGD $7 - $9 per person for a dessert here.

It's always exciting to pay a visit to In The Brickyard, because you never know what sort of creative flavours they'll have that day! I do wish that I could have more of the flavours I like, but at least the menu is fresh and exciting. In The Brickyard is definitely worth a visit for me, even though it's out of the way!


The bright, pretty display of cakes and pastries catches the eye, even before the wonderful aroma of baking hits you. The menu is simple, and kept fresh through daily specials.

In The Brickyard Signage

In The Brickyard Menu


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Loaf Cake

The Onde-Onde Cupcake (SGD $3.50), styled after the Malay Onde-Onde dessert kueh, is a true delight to eat. You get the fragrant essence of pandan / screwpine leaf from the light, spongy cupcake, followed by the sweet palm sugar / gula melaka dessicated coconut in the center. The luscious cream frosting on top lends a smooth, creamy texture to each mouthful. You know it's good when you automatically smile on putting the first bite into your mouth... Highly recommended!

Onde-Onde Cupcake 01

Onde-Onde Cupcake 02

The Pandan Liu Sha Cupcake (SGD $3.50), in contrast, was rather disappointing. The texture and taste was good, light and spongy, with sweet, fragrant pandan / screwpine leaf aroma, mixed with a tinge of saltiness from the salted egg yolk. But the disappointment was the semi-solid center, which didn't flow out. Unfortunate, as it's actually a rather decent cupcake overall, just that it doesn't live up to the expectations set by its name.

Pandan Liu Sha Cupcake 01

Pandan Liu Sha Cupcake 02

The Pulut Hitam Cake (SGD $6.50) may be among the best cakes I've ever eaten in my life! Inspired by Bubur Pulut Hitam, a sweet Indonesian rice pudding dessert, this cake has that thick, black glutinous rice and palm sugar paste, spread between layers of light vanilla sponge and pandan / screwpine leaf cream. The result is simply divine, each bite is so light, yet rich in flavour. Highly recommended!

Pulut Hitam Cake 01

Pulut Hitam Cake 02

We felt the Red Wine Chocolate Cake (SGD $6.50) was novel and well executed. The cake itself is deep and rich with chocolate flavour, yet still moist. But the real star is the layer of red wine jelly within the cake, lending a rich, elegant flavour, lifting this dessert from good to memorable. Highly recommended!

Red Wine Chocolate Cake 01

Red Wine Chocolate Cake 02

The Lemon Raspberry Meringue Cake (SGD $6.50) was rather average as a cake. The texture is great as always, light and soft, with good flavour from the vanilla sponge infused with citrus notes of lemon, and with some tartness from the raspberries. The meringue cream on top is light and soft, but overall, this cake didn't impress as much as their other creations.

Lemon Raspberry Meringue Cake 01

Lemon Raspberry Meringue Cake 02

The Banana Split Cake (SGD $6.50) is a novel idea, but the actual execution is somewhat of an acquired taste. A light vanilla sponge cake, spread within with a layer of bananas and strawberries, topped with a tart lemon citrus cream and raspberries. Sounds great in theory, but the actual taste clashes, instead of complementing. It's by no means bad, just... odd. Still, I'm glad the owners push boundaries and experiment with flavours!

Banana Split Cake 01

Banana Split Cake 02

Loved the Banana Bread With Coffee Butter (SGD $2.50)! The banana bread is soft and moist, and intense with the fragrant essence of banana, great flavour! But the novelty is the use of kopi / coffee butter, which blends so well, lending a fragrant aroma of roast and coffee beans. Highly recommended!

Banana Bread With Coffee Butter 01

Banana Bread With Coffee Butter 02

We tried the Lavender Chocolate Lava Cake (SGD $7.50) when it was first introduced, and they were so anxious about getting it right! But I think it came out perfect! The cake itself is warm, soft and moist, with a deep, rich chocolate flavour. Cut into it, and the thick, luscious lavender infused chocolate oozes out, perfuming the dish with its fragrant aroma. So addictive, we couldn't stop! I highly recommend ordering this, if it's available!

Lavender Chocolate Lava Cake 01

Lavender Chocolate Lava Cake 02

Lavender Chocolate Lava Cake 03

Lavender Chocolate Lava Cake 04


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