Ivan Teh - RunningMan

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Ivan Teh - RunningMan

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Someone once asked, why Ivan Teh - RunningMan?

Because I like Running... (Though I don't run that often now...)

Because I like Speed... Doing things fast and efficiently, yet still effectively...

Because it reminds me of a cheesy 80s movie...

Because it implies action...

It's been my chosen nickname since 2003.

That's why.


Meaning Of RunningMan

The Running Man can refer to:
  • A 1963 drama film directed by Carol Reed, about a man who fakes his own death in a glider accident, then runs into trouble with an insurance investigator.
  • A 1972 jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album.
  • A 1982 science fiction novel by author Stephen King about a reality game show set in a dystopian future, in which convicted criminals fight for their lives.
  • A 1986 street dance move, popularised by Janet Jackson; consisting of quickly repeating a hopping or sliding step, simulating a runner.
  • A 1987 action film based on the novel by Stephen King, directed by Paul Michael Glaser and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • A 1989 video game based on the action film by Paul Michael Glaser, developed by Emerald Software Ltd.
  • A 2004 young adult novel by author Michael Gerard Bauer about an artist uncovering the secrets of his mysterious neighbour.
  • A 2007 self-biography of long distance runner and running coach Gilbert Tuhabonye which details how as a child, he survived a brutal tribal attack on his school.
  • A 2010 South Korean 'urban action' variety game show, where teams of celebrities race each other in various locations, while completing several challenges along the way.