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Ivan Teh - RunningMan

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Yes, you've found me. Ivan Teh - RunningMan.

Ordinary Man, saved by an Extraordinary God. Now my life belongs to Jesus. His great love sustains me.

I'm a workaholic, a multi-tasker... and also hyperactive. =)

Some might say I'm a perfectionist. Personally, I just believe that in everything I do, I do to my utmost best, to strive for excellence so that I may glorify my Father in Heaven.

My interview with TheSmartLocal.com (TSL) for their writer of the month July 2013: https://www.thesmartlocal.com/read/tsl-writer-of-the-month-july-2013


This is a personal blog. I am Not a full-time blogger, but simply maintain this blog as a hobby, and I write / photograph / collect anything that interests me.

I strive to ensure that all content is accurate and timely when published. However, anything past the published date should be checked against other sources for accuracy of information, as I may not be able update the content to be current. Generally, any post older than 30 days should be considered outdated information, and may no longer be accurate.

I do accept product / service reviews, food tasting, and event invites. However, I don't allow others to influence what gets published on my personal blog. No freebies in exchange for a positive review or placement! Unless stated otherwise, I have paid the normal prices for whatever I write about, just like any other customer.

I am Not an employee or staff, of the places / business I've reviewed. Please do not send compliments, complaints, suggestions, or feedback to me, instead, contact the place / business directly.

All content is produced and owned by me, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to reproduce or copy any content, please ask me!

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