Big Fish Small Fish

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Big Fish Small Fish
50 Punggol East
#01-K35 Container Bistros @ Tebing Lane

930 Yishun Avenue 2
#02-132 Northpoint City

200 Victoria Street
#04-05 Bugis Junction

4 Tampines Central 5
#B1-K3 Tampines Mall

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent
#01-34 Timbre+

Fish And Crisps

Chill Fish & Chips Kiosk

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 5
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 3
Value for Money: 5
Spent about SGD $14 per person.


Opening its doors in February 2017, Big Fish Small Fish is 1 of 7 casual kiosk eateries, part of the Container Bistros @ Tebing Lane. True to its name, Big Fish Small Fish, which makes me recall a children's game, specialises in the classic British dish of Fish And Chips, given a Singaporean twist, through the use of potato chips and local flavours of dipping sauces. Currently, they draw the biggest crowds of all the casual kiosk eateries here, and the place is usually buzzing with long queues.

Ambience at Big Fish Small Fish is influenced by its concept; a bistro housed in repurposed cargo containers. The bright, vibrant colours of blue and yellow go nicely with the simple wooden furniture, though the indoor area is cramped and limited in seating capacity. I like that repurposed burlap sacks act as cushion covers. They also benefit from having a spacious, al-fresco outdoor seating area, with a view of the waterway and surrounding greenery. Expect long queues and a good amount of waiting though.

Service at Big Fish Small Fish is largely self-service. Ordering, payment, and collection of orders is done over the counter. They also have self-service ordering kiosks, which are user-friendly. The small, limited menu means staff are well-versed in it, and can make recommendations if you're undecided. Serving is done fast-food style, and diners are also encouraged to clear your own tables and trays, as I note staff don't perform cleaning often, leading to messy tables. Functional service standards, but not much better than most other fast-food places.

Food at Big Fish Small Fish is focused on British English style of Fish And Chips, though here, they do it as Fish And Crisps instead. Naturally, fish features prominently on the menu, with a good variety to choose from. Most of the other items consist of seafood, and are deep-fried, but execution is consistent. Portions are small for individuals, and I wish they offered add-on options, or larger options for communal sharing. Prices are light on the wallet, but it's only average value for money due to the small portions. Budget about SGD $14 per person for a meal here.


Big Fish Small Fish Signage
Big Fish Small Fish Signage

Big Fish Small Fish Facade

Big Fish Small Fish Menu
Big Fish Small Fish Menu


Seating Indoors

Seating Outdoors

Paper Cones

They offer a range of dipping sauces here, all of which are complimentary and free-flow. All in creamy in texture, but my personal favourite is the Sauce XO Mayonnaise, which has a savoury spicy flavour, with the heat lending a nice kick. The Sauce Salted Egg Yolk is properly rich with notes of salty savoury earthy, also a good choice. However, I find the Sauce Cheese to be a little light on flavour.

Sauce Salted Egg Yolk

Sauce XO Mayonnaise

Sauce Cheese

A regular sized Soft Drink (SGD $2.90), which I must say is rather expensive. Best avoided if possible.

Soft Drink (SGD $2.90)

The large helping of Coleslaw (SGD $3.90) is best shared, and is good value for money. Chilled, refreshing, and clean-tasting, with notes of sweet and creamy. I like the fresh, crunchy texture. Not bad.

Coleslaw (SGD $3.90)

The XO Shrimps (SGD $7.90) features a base of coleslaw, topped with small but meaty deshelled prawns / shrimp, lightly battered and fried. Coated in their signature creamy XO mayonnaise sauce, each morsel is sweet and spicy. Nicely done.

XO Shrimps (SGD $7.90)

Love the creamy, chunky, chilled texture of the Potato Salad (SGD $4.90). Quite refreshing, the sauce is light enough that you still taste the natural potato flavour, and the addition of small chunks of vegetables lend some crunch. Nice.

Potato Salad (SGD $4.90)

The Salted Egg Yolk Calamari With Bonito Flakes (SGD $7.90) has a bold flavour. The thin yet bouncy squid rings have a nice chew, a delicate sweet savoury flavour, and a satisfiying crunch from the light crumb and flour batter. The thick, rich salted egg yolk sauce, with notes of savoury salty, contrasts nicely with the robust fish flavour from the katsuobushi / bonito flakes. Good!

Salted Egg Yolk Calamari With Bonito Flakes (SGD $7.90)

Love the Potato Crisps (SGD $4.90), with its thin, crispy texture that crunches satisfiyingly. Slightly inconsistent though, not all pieces were crisp, about 10% or less were soft and limp. Easily overlooked though, as the majority is well executed. It's served more or less plain, though you can choose to dip it in sauce for more flavour. Good!

Potato Crisps (SGD $4.90)

The Fish Dory (SGD $6.90) features a small but clean-tasting, fresh fillet of john dory fish. Slightly soft, slightly flaky, slightly creamy in texture, with fresh but mild sweet savoury fish meat flavour, and a light, crispy, crunchy batter. I personally wish for either a slightly larger fillet, or at least 2 small fillets, or the option to add-on extra fillets of fish, but as is, this is decent value. Worth ordering!

Fish Dory (SGD $6.90)

Fish Dory

The Fish Red Snapper (SGD $15.90) features a medium sized, clean-tasting, fresh fillet of red snapper fish. It has a good texture which borders on firm, and is flaky enough that it comes apart smoothly. Stronger savoury notes with an undertone of sweet, a light fish taste from the thick skin, enveloped in a light, crispy, crunchy batter. They only have limited amounts of this daily, but it's well worth it. Good!

Fish Red Snapper (SGD $15.90)

Fish Red Snapper

The Fish Yellowfin (SGD $7.90) features 2 fillets of long, meaty, fresh fillet of yellowfin tuna fish. It's lean and firm, but remains flaky, though it requires some effort to separate. The light, crispy, crunchy batter envelops the fish, which has strong savoury notes, with undertones of oily fish. The flavours should remind most of another fast-food joint that also specialises in fried fish, named after a pirate. Decent.

Fish Yellowfin (SGD $7.90)

Fish Yellowfin

The Fish Sea Bass (SGD $10.90) is large and meaty, but having eaten this, I understand why not many cook this fish by deep frying. The result is firm and dry fish meat, with the skin being rather tough and stringy in texture. Nice delicate sweet savoury flavour, but the texture is a let-down. Skip this.

Fish Sea Bass (SGD $10.90)

Fish Sea Bass


Update Nov-2018: Since my initial few visits over 1 year ago, Big Fish Small Fish has gained popularity, and become successful enough to expand with several outlets across Singapore. Ambience at Big Fish Small Fish retains its modern, casual, maritime vibe, and cheerful blue and yellow decor, with touches of wooden crates and corrugated metal walls. Service at Big Fish Small Fish is still completely self-service, with ordering, payment, and collection over the counter; staff having to display little product knowledge or interaction with diners. Food at Big Fish Small Fish remains focused on the British English style of Fish And Chips, done here as Fish And Crisps instead, being of average taste and quality. Portions are still small for individuals, and prices remain more or less the same, budget about SGD $14 per person for a meal here.

Big Fish Small Fish Signage
Big Fish Small Fish Signage

Big Fish Small Fish Menu 2018
Big Fish Small Fish Menu 2018


The Fish And Crisps - Halibut Set (SGD $20.30) is a filling set meal, served with a choice of soft drink. I got Soft Drink Yeo's Fun Lemon Lime Twist, which has a lively carbonated texture and a zesty sour sweet flavour. The set meal is served with crispy crunchy, thinly sliced, savoury Potato Crisps, and a trio of dipping sauces; the Sauce - Lemon Mayonnaise, Salted Egg Aioli, Garlicky Chili, each with its own distinct character.

The Fish Halibut features 2 long, meaty fillets of halibut fish. It's lean and flaky, with a light, crispy, crunchy batter. Has delicate savoury sweet flavour, with a semi-dry, semi-moist texture. The taste will be familiar to those who like fish fingers. The Fish Skin crunches loudly and satisfyingly, and has good savoury salty fishy flavour. This light appetizer pairs well with the dipping sauces.

Fish And Crisps - Halibut Set
Fish And Crisps - Halibut Set (SGD $20.30)

Soft Drink Yeo's Fun Lemon Lime Twist
Soft Drink Yeo's Fun Lemon Lime Twist

Potato Crisps
Potato Crisps

Fish Halibut

Fish Halibut

Sauce - Lemon Mayonnaise, Salted Egg Aioli, Garlicky Chili

Fish Skin

Fish Skin



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