Hurricane's Grill

Hurricane's Grill
Shop 433
Level 2, Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Drive
New South Wales 2000

Barbecue Meat Platter (AUD $105 / SGD $111.30)

Tasty Australian Barbecue With A View

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 7
Value for Money: 9
Spent about AUD $28 / SGD $29.70 per person.


Established in 1995 near Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, the iconic Hurricane's Grill gained fame with their 2nd outlet at Darling Harbour, which opened in January 2008. Since I last visited 9 years ago, Hurricane's Grill has grown and expanded, becoming ever more popular. They're still known for consistently serving up hearty, delicious, tasty Australian barbecue dishes, with friendly service in a casual setting, at reasonable prices. The long queues here still remain, and advance reservations are highly encouraged, as waiting times without a reservation can stretch to more than 1 hour.

Ambience at Hurricane's Grill is modern casual. The best thing is their view of Darling Harbour, which is beautiful. Otherwise, the sleek black and wood colours and simple modern furnishings are functionally comfortable. The place is dimly lit, constantly packed and buzzing with activity, with seating being rather cramped together. Not a place for intimate dates or business meals, more suitable for gatherings with friends. I personally find tables to be rather squeezy, can't really stretch out and relax, so I wouldn't recommend it for long, lingering meals either. Also, there's no place to put bags, unless you hang it from the table.

Service at Hurricane's Grill is casual, friendly, and fast. Because the place is buzzing, staff are constantly bustling around, making it hard to attract their attention. Thus, I'm glad that each group of tables has a dedicated server, who comes around frequently to check on the dining experience, or see if you need additional assistance. Staff generally display decent product knowledge, they're familiar with the popular items on the menu. I note they're quick at fulfilling requests, as well as clearing away empty / dirty plates and tables. However, they seem to miss out little details, such as providing straws or serviette proactively, unless asked.

Food at Hurricane's Grill is the highlight, and the main reason for visiting. Focused on Australian barbecue, which means lots of meat, I'm impressed they've consistently maintained an excellent quality. Dishes are tasty, bold in flavour, yet not overwhelming. Delicious enough to satisfy, yet doesn't feel decadent. Ingredients are fresh, with flavours enhanced by their secret recipe barbecue basting sauces. Portions are large, and best shared. Prices remain reasonable and affordable, among the cheaper options around. Budget AUD $28 / SGD $29.70 per person for a meal here.


Hurricane's Grill Signage
Hurricane's Grill Signage

Hurricane's Grill Exterior

Hurricane's Grill Interior

They offer a Cider Strongbow Original (AUD $10 / SGD $10.70) here, the fruity body of this alcoholic beverage contrasts nicely with the heavy flavours of the barbecue dishes.

Cider Strongbow Original (AUD $10 / SGD $10.70)

The Cocktail Twilight (AUD $18 / SGD $19.30) seems oddly named, because it's a fruity, vibrant pink coloured modern beverage. A blend of Absolut Citron lemon vodka, Jagermeister herbal liqueur, grapefruit juice, pink grapefruit syrup, and yuzu fruit, it's shaken and served over fresh ice with a sprig of thyme. Lovey notes of zesty tangy sweet sour, with undertones of herbs and spice. Nice.

Cocktail Twilight (AUD $18 / SGD $19.30)

The Barbecue Meat Platter (AUD $105 / SGD $111.30) is a value-for-money option that feeds 3 - 4 people, featuring their signature dishes. Great choice if you're unsure what to order. Served with a choice of 1 side dish, we got the Sweet Potato Fries, which are large, thick cut strips of sweet potato that have a light, crisp crust, and a soft, tender, sweet savoury flesh. Each of the meats here may look visually similar, but tastes different, because the barbecue sauce used differs.

The half slab of Barbecue Pork Ribs Hurricane's Original has tender pork meat which comes off the bones easily, and a bold tangy savoury sweet flavour. The Barbecue Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce is strongly sweet, with a delicate savoury flavour and a juicy texture. The Grilled Beef Top Sirloin, Grain-Fed Angus 150 Days is done till a beautiful medium rare, juicy and meaty with a nice chew, and a robust savoury flavour with a hint of salty. The Grilled Boerewors Sausage is a South Africa style meat sausage, a blend of beef, pork, lamb, and a host of spices, giving it a meaty, juicy texture, and a earthy spiced savoury flavour.

Barbecue Meat Platter (AUD $105 / SGD $111.30)

Barbecue Meat Platter

Sweet Potato Fries

Barbecue Pork Ribs Hurricane's Original

Barbecue Chicken Wings With BBQ Sauce

Grilled Beef Top Sirloin, Grain-Fed Angus 150 Days

Grilled Boerewors Sausage