Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building

Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building


The Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building was held on Saturday, 16 August 2014, from 2pm - 10pm. Organised by Singapore Airlines (SIA), the title sponsor of the Singapore Grand Prix 2014, the Light Up The Night Carnival @ F1 Pit Building was a free event, open to the public.

As a prelude to the Formula 1 (F1) Singapore Grand Prix night race, the Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building gave members of the public the opportunity to experience the excitement and spirit of F1, and explore the area that will be the hub of activity for the night race from 19 - 21 September 2014.

Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building Entrance Signage

The F1 Pit Building in Singapore is the heart of the Singapore Grand Prix night race, as the Race Control Centre, with Garages and workshops for race teams, as well as the start / finish points, are located here. Track Seats beside the Race Track, and comfortable Hospitality Lounges for the elite / privileged / lucky, offer great close up views, albeit with deafening noise. In the distance, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens By The Bay, and Benjamin Sheares Bridge frame the skyline.

F1 Pit Building - Track Seats

F1 Pit Building - Race Control Centre, Garages, Hospitality Lounges

F1 Pit Building - Race Track


A showcase of various Vintage Cars, on display throughout the day. This collection of old but well preserved automobiles span the years of 1930 till 1970, all privately owned by collectors.

The Austin 7 Ulster Special 1934 was a British economy car affectionately termed 'Baby Austin'. This car on display is a modified racing model.

Vintage Car - Austin 7 Ulster Special 1934

The Triumph GT6 1967 was a British sports coupe based on the popular Triumph Spitfire car. This grand tourer (GT) featured a 6-cylinder engine, hence the name GT6, and was known for its high speed, straight road long distance driving capability, and economy of fuel.

Vintage Car - Triumph GT6 1967

The Volkswagen 1200 Beetle 1971, nicknamed by the owner 'Herbie' after the classic 1968 Disney film 'The Love Bug', was a German economy car that has gone down in history as an icon. Known for its simple, easy to produce manufacturing process, a cute and quirky design, and cheap price, this car gained fame being associated with the hippie movement as psychedelic art cars, with the surfer movement for being able to float on water, and notoriety for being commissioned by Nazi Germany.

Vintage Car - Volkswagen 1200 Beetle 1971 'Herbie'

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1967 was the most popular model of this high-end, luxury British car brand. Known for its innovative monocoque chassis, which supports the car's mass through a structural skin, and its high-pressure hydraulic system with dual-circuit braking and self-levelling suspension, this car was able to achieve a high degree of ride quality.

Vintage Car - Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 1967

The Triumph Dolomite 14/65 Roadster 1939 was a up-market British sports saloon, with an iconic, flamboyant 'waterfall' radiator grille. This model is very rare, as production only ran for 2 years between 1938 and 1940, then the manufacturers closed due to World War II.

Vintage Car - Triumph Dolomite 14/65 Roadster 1939


Supercar enthusiast group Scuderia Ferrari Singapore (Scuderia FSG) showed up in force at 2:30pm, in a convoy that had set off earlier in the day from Changi Airport. Lots of gleaming super car models from several exclusive automobile car brands were represented, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.

All the super cars were emblazoned with the Singapore Airlines logo in the form of a decal sticker, which looks both sleek and stylish, in various colours that complement the colour of the super car. Members of the public could also get the decal for their car, free of charge during the event!

First time I've ever seen such a high-end Safety Car! The Mercedes Benz CLA Class model is a perfect choice for this premium event.

Safety Car Mercedes Benz CLA Class


A Formula 1 race car was on display, emblazoned with the sponsor's logos. You could get close enough to touch it!


Several Singapore Girls were present for photo taking sessions with the public.

Alongside them were the Grand Prix race grid girls, as well as a faux race car driver.


Members of the public were also given a chance to try their hand at changing the heavy tires of a Formula 1 race car, with guidance from the pit crew. They could even compete to have the fastest time in changing a tire!

Go-Kart races throughout the day, driving these mini race cars is easy to learn, not so easy to master!


A food bazaar with various vendors selling all kinds of international cuisine and treats, and a communal dining area added to the carnival atmosphere.

Bespoke farmer's market PasarBella had their F & B stall going strong here, with various roast meats / rotisserie on offer.

F & B Stall - PasarBella - A Farmer's Market

SATS Food brought to bear their catering skill, though I didn't see quite as many customers at their stall.

F & B Stall - SATS Food

The folks of Baja Fresh Mexican Grill and their hand held Mexican food offerings did pretty well from my observations, with their fuss free, tasty, yet portable food.

F & B Stall - Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Gourmet ice pop stall Popaganda and their hand made, artisinal ice pops with fresh fruity flavours helped beat the sweltering heat of the afternoon.

F & B Stall - Popaganda

Nestle Lemonade was giving away complimentary drinks throughout the day, their thirst quenching, sour and sweet beverage hit the spot. Wish it were slightly colder though.

F & B Stall - Nestle Lemonade

Nestle Lemonade Drink

Ticket booths did brisk business, be they race tickets, concert tickets, flight tickets, or frequent flyer programs.


A combined team from the Singapore Stunt Driving Association and the Singapore Stunt Riding Association were together for the 1st time to perform at the Light Up The Night Carnival At F1 Pit Building.

Their 2 performances at 3pm and 6pm featured souped up cars and bikes, and driven using tactical stunt driving skills. They had a camera team with an aerial camera!

Drivers & Riders From Singapore Stunt Driving Association And Singapore Stunt Riding Association

Eye In The Sky Remote Control Aerial Camera


For the first time, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is selling thoughtfully crafted mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival of 2014. A box of SIA Selections Mooncakes features 4 specially crafted mooncake flavours, packed in a collectible gift box that carries SIA's signature batik print, retailing at SGD $68 per box.

Love the innovative design of the overall packaging, where the small mooncake box lids can also be used as drink coasters, or a decorative piece, and the box itself can be used for storing small items. The large box has a gold fridge magnet medallion as its centerpiece.

Mooncake Boxes Magnet

Mooncake Boxes Coasters

Mooncake Singapore Airlines

The Mooncake White Lotus With Black Sesame features smooth, sweet white lotus paste made using top grade lotus seeds from Vietnam, and sweet, sticky black sesame paste in the center, made with black sesame seeds from Japan.

Mooncake White Lotus With Black Sesame

The Mooncake Pandan With Five Grains features fragrant, sweet pandan / screwpine paste made using fresh pandan / screwpine leaves from Singapore, and crunchy, nutty 5 healthy grains (lotus seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, black sesame seed, white sesame seed) in the center, that provide healthy fibre and essential nutrients.

Mooncake Pandan With Five Grains

The Mooncake Orange Lotus With Walnuts features silky, sweet white lotus paste infused with zesty orange, lending a refreshing citrus taste, and studded within with crunchy Persian walnut shavings rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Mooncake Orange Lotus With Walnuts

The Mooncake Passion Fruit With Rosella features piquant passion fruit and delicate rosella paste sourced from Indonesia, rich in anti-oxidants that keep the skin and immune system youthful and robust.

Mooncake Passion Fruit With Rosella