How Big Is Your Shield?

How Big Is Your Shield?

Missed last week's service due to mobilisation, but just caught up on it with the online video. Here's what I caught from it...

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Faith is active, an action that we must take. And knowing that God's presence is constantly with me, I can walk in victory and have victory over any circumstance in my life because his power is constantly available to me.

Nothing is impossible for me because God is with me, but I must believe and claim His power over any situation.

It matters not how big my faith is, what matters is how big my God is.

According to my faith, will it be done. I have been trusting God for 3 souls. But after hearing this, I realise... Why not trust God for 12? Surely my God is bigger and able to do more than what I can ask or think...

Isn't this really what it means to walk in victory? To live knowing that God is constantly with you, and that in Him, we are empowered to be able to do all things?

I pray that I will see God's hand in my life, to see that the lives of the people around me are touched because I was there, to see them coming to know what a Great God I have.