Zi Char - River Palace

Zi Char - River Palace - Closed

382 Havelock Road
2F Riverview Hotel



If someone asked my opinion on the best place for a buffet, I would highly recommend River Palace Chinese Restaurant, located in River View Hotel.

Priced at around $40 per pax, with Hotel ambience, River Palace offers over 100 zi-char items on their buffet menu. Furthermore, their menu is partially seasonal, which means the next time you come, they will have new items, while keeping the old favorites and chef specialties.

Service is outstanding. Food is served within 10 minutes of ordering, and the River Palace staff are attentive and knowledgeable about the dishes on offer.

More importantly, the food at River Palace is fantastic. Ingredients are fresh, and the skill of the chefs is definitely a cut above your average coffeeshop zi-char. Good value for money.

Definitely a place I would patronize for special occasions.


Blanched Spinach With Assorted Eggs

Braised Peanuts

Braised Sea Cucumber With Lingzhi Mushrooms

Crabmeat Sticks With Fruit Cocktail In Mayonnaise Japanese Style

Deep Fried Chicken Wings With Shrimp Paste

Deep Fried Fish Fillet With Wasabi Sauce

Deep Fried Fish Tofu With Chicken Floss

Deep Fried Marble Goby Hong Kong Style

Deep Fried Shishamo With Golden Sands

Deep Fried Shredded Duck In Yam

Double Boiled Conpoy, Chinese Mushroom, And Chicken With Superior Sharks Fin In Superior Clear Broth

Herbal Jelly With Sea Coconut

Jelly Cocktail

Mango Pudding With Sago

Poached Prawns In Chinese Wine

Sashimi Salmon And Tuna

Sauteed Fresh Scallops With Asparagus And Pine Nuts

Sliced Duck With Crispy Beancurd Skin Wrapped In Egg Pancake 01

Sliced Duck With Crispy Beancurd Skin Wrapped In Egg Pancake 02

Steamed Crab With Egg White And Rice Wine

Steamed Sea Bass With Plum And Tomato

Stir-Fried Sliced Venison With Spring Onion And Ginger

Wok-Fried Beef Steak With Black Pepper Sauce

Wok-Fried Pork Spare Ribs In Barbeque Sauce

Wok-Fried Squid With Leeks In X.O. Sauce

Yam Paste Or-Ni

To really get your money's worth, I suggest starting out by ordering all the 1-time-only dishes. These items are partially seasonal, but often include shark's fin, suckling pig, peking duck, scallops, lobster, prawns, crab, sea cucumber, etc.

River Palace Signboard

River Palace Menu

If I had to choose only 1 dish, or the Best Dish, I would recommend the Deep Fried Marble Goby Hong Kong Style. This is the dish that keeps me coming back to River Palace, and I could comfortably order only this dish throughout the entire buffet and be satisfied.

Deep Fried Marble Goby Hong Kong Style Again

While the desserts are good, they're actually there to distract you. River Palace doesn't specialize in desserts, so they produce only acceptable standards in their desserts. Skip them, you won't be missing anything.


Update Sep-2012: Has it already been a year? Time flies... The last time I visited River Palace, it was for the same special occasion. And yes, nothing much has changed... Just the addition of a few new items on the menu, but otherwise, still the same great service and food I've come to expect from River Palace Chinese Restaurant.

Black Sesame Mochi

Braised Sea Cucumber With Abalone

Cakes Strawberry And Lemon Chocolate

Deep Fried Crispy Baby Squid

Marinated Jellyfish In Plum Sauce

Prawns In Fruit Salad

Sauteed Sliced Grass Carp With Black Bean Sauce

Sliced BBQ Pork And Cucumber

Steamed Eggs With Kani Stick And Ginko Nuts

Stewed Belly Of Pork In Superior Soya Sauce

Stir-Fried Mussels In Fragrance Sauce

Wok-Fried Crab With Chillies

Deep Fried Stuffed Chinese Crullers With Mayonnaise

Drunken Chicken

Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms With Garden Greens

Sweet And Sour Pork With Pineapple

Hot And Sour Sichuan Soup

Sliced Grass Carp Fish Soup With Century Eggs And Coriander Leaves

Iced Jelly Cocktail With Nata De Coco

Honey Sea Coconut With Aloe Vera