Brasserie Gavroche

Brasserie Gavroche
66 Tras Street

Excellent French Dining At Reasonable Prices

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $70 per person.


Heard about this small, husband-and-wife run french restaurant, and when I was looking around for a special place to celebrate her birthday, decided to make a reservation here. I wasn't disappointed!

Tip: Do make reservations before visiting, as the place is relatively small. Also, their waiting list can stretch up to 5 days, so book early. I booked my place 8 days in advance!

Brasserie Gavroche is named after the street orphan Gavroche in the famous musical Les Misérables. However, your dining experience here won't be miserable...

Brasserie Gavroche is tucked away in a small enclove in 66 Tras Street, near the Tanjong Pagar market, and is quite easy to miss. They only have a small signage outside, and no signage on their actual door, so you actually have to be looking for the place to find it.

Ambience is simple, yet elegant, with dim lights perfect for romantic meals, yet bright enough to see clearly. Even during the day, the restaurant isn't that brightly lit, as sunlight can't reach all the way in. The furniture and paintings that adorn the place make you feel as though you've flown to France.

Service is what you'll expect from a fine french dining establishment, professional, attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. They will try to push house recommendations, although if you decline, they will politely accept. Points for authenticity though, as all but 1 of the staff are French, and co-owner Charlotte works the floor as the restaurant manager.

Chef Colin used to be the executive chef of St. Regis Singapore, so the food is excellent. Many of the standout dishes are recipes handed down from his grandfather, Henri, and man, that guy can cook!

Pre-Appetizers include the classic Baguette, and a unique Cheese-Stuffed Bread. The Cheese-Stuffed Bread was moist and cheesy within, and crispy on the outside.

Grandpa Henri's French Onion Soup (Soupe à l’oignon, recette de grand père Henri) was large enough for 2 people to share. Floating on top were 2 cheese and herb covered slices of baguette, which went well with the tangy soup. The French Onion Soup was done well enough to remove the unpleasant pungent odor of the onions, while still retaining the sweetness within. I kept thinking that this would be a great dish to have on cold rainy days, or when feeling unwell!

Grandpa Henri's Pork Hotpot With Cabbage And Garden Vegetables (Potée Auvergnate, recette du grand père Henri) was filled with Pork Ribs, Pork Belly, and a Pork Sausage. The meat was stewed till tender and came apart easily. The vegetables were still crisp, not overcooked till wilted.

The Pan-Seared Fillet Of Sea Bream With Provençale Ratatouille (Filet de Daurade et ratatouille Provençale) had a crispy outer skin, which I loved, while the meat was still tender. The accompanying Ratatouille was really good as well.

Prices aren't the cheapest, but are quite reasonable, and relatively less expensive than other french restaurants. Hope to try some of their other items soon!



French Onion Soup - Soupe À L’Oignon, Recette De Grand Père Henri

Pork Hotpot With Cabbage And Garden Vegetables - Potée Auvergnate, Recette Du Grand Père Henri 01

Pork Hotpot With Cabbage And Garden Vegetables - Potée Auvergnate, Recette Du Grand Père Henri 02

Pan-Seared Fillet Of Sea Bream With Provençale Ratatouille - Filet De Daurade Et Ratatouille Provençale

Bread Basket


Update (21-Jun-2012): Visited again with a close friend for a celebration treat... The menu has been updated slightly, but Brasserie Gavroche still has the same great, friendly service and fantastic french food.

Bread And Butter

Cheese Nibbles

Poached Eggs On Toast With Bacon And Red Wine Reduction - Oeufs Meurette 01

Poached Eggs On Toast With Bacon And Red Wine Reduction - Oeufs Meurette 02

Fish Quenelle With Crayfish Sauce - Quenelle De Poisson Sauce Nantua, Recette De Grand Père Henri

Monkfish Cheeks With Fish Soup And Vegetables - Joues De Lotte Et Soupe De Poissons

Poached Peaches In White Wine With Vanilla Ice Cream And Caramel Crumble - Pêches Pochées Au Vin Blanc Avec La Crème Glacée Vanille Et De Caramel

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