Street Food - 5 Spice Roll / Wu Xiang Xia Bing

Street Food - 5 Spice Roll / Wu Xiang Xia Bing

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Also Known As:
5 Spice Roll, Wu Xiang Xia Bing, 5 Spice Pork Roll, Ngo Hiang, Ngoh Hiang, Heh Gerng, Lor Bak, 5 Spice Fritters

Average Price Per Serving:
SGD $3 - $10

5 Spice Roll is a dish that consists of various deep-fried meats, seafood, and other ingredients.

There are 3 different variations on the actual 5 Spice Roll.

The most common Teochew version has minced pork mixed with yam, shrimp and water chestnuts.

The Hokkien version has minced pork mixed with onions.

The Liver Roll version is basically minced pork liver.

All 3 variations are seasoned with Chinese 5-Spice Powder, wrapped in a dried tofu skin, rolled into a sausage, and then deep-fried.

Besides tasty Pork Rolls and Pork Liver Rolls, a good 5 Spice Roll stall will also have excellent versions of the following traditional items; namely chinese pork sausages (Lup Cheong), prawn fritters, and egg rolls.

Other deep-fried ingredients served by 5 Spice Roll stalls often include chinese firm dry tofu, sweet potato cakes, taiwanese pork sausages (Xiang Chang), century eggs, battered hard-boiled chicken eggs, fish balls, fish cakes, prawn rolls, prawn cakes, water chestnut cakes, etc.

5 Spice Roll is often served with sliced cucumbers, fried vermicelli (Bee Hoon) and 2 dipping sauces; a sweet pink egg sauce, and a spicy chilli sauce with ground peanuts.


5 Spice Roll stalls aren't very common in Singapore, and often, most of these stalls use ingredients from a central supplier's factory. Such stalls often have average, acceptable standards of food, although they may try to outdo the competition with their sauces.

However, the really stand-out, fantastic stalls will hand-make most of their traditional 5 Spice Roll items, giving them an edge in taste, texture, and freshness of ingredients.

These are the top 3 stalls which I feel serve the best 5 Spice Roll in Singapore.


Lao Zhong Zhong
@ 29 Tai Thong Crescent
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 11.30pm Closed Alt Mon


Hup Kee China Street Fritters
@ Maxwell Food Centre 1 Kadayanallur Street #01-64
Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm Closed Mon


93 Wu Xiang Xia Bing
@ 93 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #01-202
Opening Hours: 2pm – 9pm Closed Thu


Honourable Mention

No Name Stall / Teng Yu
@ ABC Brickworks 6 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-119
Opening Hours: Stall Closed, Chef Retired