Whisk & Paddle

Whisk & Paddle
10 Tebing Lane


Home Made Pastries & Desserts In This Family Friendly Bistro

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 8
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $37 per person.


Established in October 2014, the Whisk & Paddle bistro in Tebing Lane is blessed with a fantastic location, right next to the Punggol waterway. Offering panoramic views of the lazy waterway and the Lorong Halus mangrove wetlands opposite, the atmosphere here is tranquil and relaxing, and it also helps that they serve great tasting desserts, made in house!

Ambience at Whisk & Paddle is their key highlight. Besides the fantastic view and relaxing atmosphere, the bistro features and open concept design, spacious and inviting, with no less than 9 different combination of furniture, from lounge chairs, to bench bars, to comfy recliners. Lighting fixtures are designed to evoke maritime ships, while the family friendly play area allows kids to amuse themselves. Whisk & Paddle even has a retracable canvas roof, which they open when the weather is good!

Service at Whisk & Paddle is above average. Staff are welcoming, and quick to seat guests. Food is prepared to order, so there will be about a 10 minutes or so waiting time, but it's worth it! I also like that staff proactively come around to update you on the status of your order while you're waiting. They're also efficient at clearing empty or dirty tables, and are knowledgable enough to make recommendations on the menu, as well as state in general terms what ingredients make up each dish.

Food at Whisk & Paddle is Western influenced, with a mix of French, American, British, and Italian cuisines. Taste of their main dishes is decent, and portion sizes are just enough for 1 person. Whisk & Paddle bistro truely shines when it comes to desserts though, they hand make most of the items in house, plating and presentation is beautiful, and it tastes great! Prices are comparable to other upper-end cafes, budget about SGD $37 per person for a meal here.


The large open spacious layout, and panoramic views of the waterway are the main highlight here.

Whisk & Paddle Signage

Whisk & Paddle Exterior

Whisk & Paddle Interior

Whisk & Paddle Seating

Whisk & Paddle Seating With Canvas Roof Open

Little touches of decor, such as quirky maritime lighting, plants hanging on the wall next to whisks, and various combination of furniture makes the place visually appealing and eye catching.

Dessert Counter

Feature Lights 01

Feature Lights 02

Kids Stuff

Whisk & Paddle

Water Cup

The Beer Kronenbourg Blanc (SGD $15) is served in a bottle, chilled. Love the fruity sweetness of this beer on the palate, and I'm glad they carry this brand!

Beer Kronenbourg Blanc

The Beer Asahi Black (SGD $15) has that deep, strong flavour of malt, coffee, and chocolate, yet is still smooth and light in texture, without much bitterness. Full on the palate and very refreshing, this dark beer is very enjoyable!

Beer Asahi Black

Here's something rather unique, the Black Sesame Latte (SGD $5.50)! With ground black sesame seeds frothed in milk, you get an aromatic, rich, nutty beverage.

Black Sesame Latte

The French Onion Soup (SGD $8.80) is served gratin style, in a little metal pot that look so cute. The beef broth / soup is nicely savoury, with a hint of sweetness from the soft stewed onions. But it's not caramelised too deeply, unlike the traditional versions which have a deep brown soup / broth, the version here is light and clear.

French Onion Soup 01

French Onion Soup 02

While I loved the generous portion and combination of shelled and deshelled clams in the Clam Chowder (SGD $8.80), as well as the chunky diced carrots, potatoes, onions, and celery, the overall taste was rather flat and bland. Somewhat of a let down, as a little more seasoning would have improved this soup / broth / stew greatly. The garlic breadstick which is served on the side was pretty good though.

Clam Chowder 01

Clam Chowder 02

The Crabmeat Linguine (SGD $17) features a generous portion of fresh, deshelled crab meat, tossed with linguine pasta in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce. I like that with each mouthful, you can distinctly taste the crab, followed by the sweetness of the tomato, then you get the spicy heat at the back. Pretty good!

Crabmeat Linguine 01

Crabmeat Linguine 02

I struggled with the Sea Bass En Papillote (SGD $26.80). While the seabass fish fillets were of a decent size, they were not too fresh, and the addition of tomatoes to the typical French papillote broth / soup of white wine, onion, garlic, and capers, sort of overwhelmed the taste of the fish. I like the addition of the Kalamanta olives, which lent a salty, earthy taste to the soup / broth. But the mashed potato here is easily among the best I've ever eaten, rich, thick, and creamy, with some chunky pieces within, yet so smooth it's like butter. Excellent, wish I could just order the mashed potatoes as a side dish!

Sea Bass En Papillote 01

Sea Bass En Papillote 02

Sea Bass En Papillote 03

Absolutely loved the Kurobuta Pork Collar (SGD $28.80)! With 2 slabs of moist, juicy kurobuta pork collar that is grilled perfectly, savoury and natural in taste, with a nice layer of fat on the outside. Sweet cherry tomatoes on the vine, roasted but still juicy, bursting with freshness. And a smooth, sweet pumpkin mash with a tart orange citrus sauce. Completely delicious, I loved every bite of this main course! Highly recommended!

Kurobuta Pork Collar 01

Kurobuta Pork Collar 02

Kurobuta Pork Collar 03

The Chicken Burger (SGD $22.80) is a flavour-fest! A medium sized chicken steak, grilled perfectly with a crisp, savoury skin and tender, moist meat, stacked with smoky bacon strips, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, topped with honey mustard and a sunny side up egg, sandwiched between a fragrant multiseed burger bun. Served with a garden salad, cherry vine tomatoes, and thick cut fries on the side. Tastes better than described!

Chicken Burger 01

Chicken Burger 02

The Apple Cinnamon Cheese Roll (SGD $3.80) is a home made creation that combines 2 classic American desserts, the Apple Pie, and the Cinnamon Roll. Stuffed within the soft, fluffy layers of the roll are sweet chunks of diced apple, some caramelised, some fresh. Add a dash of cinnamon sugar spread along the length of the roll, topped with cream cheese frosting, and you have a sweet, rich, decadent dessert. The only drawback; it's only available as a daily dessert special, not a regular item on the menu.

Apple Cinnamon Cheese Roll 01

Apple Cinnamon Cheese Roll 02

Apple Cinnamon Cheese Roll 03

The New York Cheesecake With Strawberry Compote (SGD $6) is one of the most photogenic, prettiest cheesecakes I've seen. The plating is simply beautiful! The cheesecake itself is light and rich, with a creamy texture, and the biscuit crumble base is nicely crumbly, with a buttery taste. Love the slightly sour, tart strawberry compote on the side, which helps cut through some of the sweetness in the dessert. Extremely tasty, decadent, and satisfiying! Sadly, this is a daily dessert special, and isn't available on the regular everyday menu.

New York Cheesecake With Strawberry Compote 01

New York Cheesecake With Strawberry Compote 02

New York Cheesecake With Strawberry Compote 03

The Warm Dark Choco Fudge Cake With Ice Cream (SGD $8.90) is a daily dessert special, and is a large slice of rich chocolate cake, layered with thick, sweet chocolate fudge. The layers of fudge are so thick in fact, that the layers of the cake slide off and come apart when cut! The texture is almost like a brownie, only slightly fluffier, but the cake also borders on dry due to it being warmed in a microwave. You have a choice of ice cream, I got the vanilla ice cream with sliced almonds, which pairs well with the chocolate fudge cake.

Warm Dark Choco Fudge Cake With Ice Cream 01

Warm Dark Choco Fudge Cake With Ice Cream 02

The Carrot Cake (SGD $6) is fragrant and moist, with a nice sweetness and soft, spongy texture. Studded with crunchy nuts and candied carrot, topped with strips of orange zest, lovely cream cheese frosting, and caramelised nuts that are so crunchy it's almost popcorn-like. Above average version, worth ordering!

Carrot Cake 01

Carrot Cake 02

The Passion Fruit Tart (SGD $6.50) features a sweet and tangy passionfruit curd with nice balance, in a crumbly, buttery pastry tart shell, topped with meringue, and a sweet chocolate macaron. Nice, and luckily, this is a regular item on the dessert menu, available everyday!

Passion Fruit Tart

Update Aug-2015: The Tropical Brulee (SGD $13.80) is a recent dessert creation. Crisp, thick chocolate waffles, plated with a wobbly, soft creme caramel, banana brulee, toasted almond flakes, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate fudge sauce. Pretty good dessert, I like the aromatic waffles, and the crunch of the caramelised bananas. However, the vanilla ice cream is rather average, the creme caramel is slightly softer than it should be in texture, and I wish the bananas were slightly more ripe. Overall, worth ordering!

Tropical Brulee 01

Tropical Brulee 02