Chingay @ Heartlands 2015

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015

Multi-Cultural Street Parade With Lighted Floats

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Overall: 5
Visited: Mar-2015


Chingay, also known as the Chingay Parade, is a multi-cultural street parade that originated in Singapore in 1973, due to the implementation of the ban on fireworks. As it was felt that the festive mood of Chinese New Year would be dampened without fireworks, the Chingay Parade was held, featuring lighted floats, acrobatic acts, lion dances, dragon dances, stilt walkers, costumed performers, all to liven and cheer up the general public during the festive season. Held every year since then, Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 is a post parade follow up as part of Singapore's SG50 / 50th Anniversary celebration of our nation's independence.

The actual Chingay Parade 2015 is the grandest, and largest in scale, in the parade's 42 year history, with about 11,000 performers from 150 organisations taking part. Themed "We love Singapore(SG)", the celebrations included creating a sea of 1 million "We SG Flowers" with used plastic bags, voting contents for the most popular lighted floats and most popular performing contingent, and Singaporean singer JJ Lin performing the grand finale.

As a follow up to the main parade, Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 was conceived to enable more Singaporeans and tourists to experience the Chingay Parade, albeit on a smaller scale. Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 features several selected lighted floats and performing contingents travelling through the heartland housing estates of Singapore. It allowed for community engagement as well as community involvement. Despite the smaller scale, and the parade passing by quickly, I did enjoy the short glimpse of the lighted floats, and the festive atmosphere it brings.


Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Chingay 2015 Performers In Floral Costume

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Lion Dance Along The Road

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Dragon Dance Along The Road

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Opening Float

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - CDC Float

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Indian Float

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Malay Float

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Teochew Float

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Hong San See Float By Lam Ann Association

Chingay @ Heartlands 2015 - Finale C Float - Our Aspiration for Singapore