John 19:38-39

John 19:38-39

"Later, Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Now Joseph was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly because he feared the Jewish leaders. With Pilate's permission, he came and took the body away. He was accompanied by Nicodemus, the man who earlier had visited Jesus at night. Nicodemus brought a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about seventy-five pounds." - John 19:38-39


The writer has placed these verses side by side, attributing the same trait of 'secret discipleship' to both Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus. Both were members of the Sanhedrim, the highest council of the Jews, which oversaw all religious matters. Both believed that Jesus was the messiah, both kept their faith a secret, due to fear of rejection / condemnation from their fellow priests in their society. Now, at the crucifixion of Jesus, these 2 rich men have been spurred into courageous action, demonstrating the value they had for Christ's person and doctrine.