11 Mosque Street

111 Somerset Road
#02-16 Triple One Somerset

Good, Authentic Korean Food, Decent Atmosphere

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $27 per person.


Togi is a Korean BBQ restaurant that has been operating for well over a decade, serving authentic, down to earth Korean cuisine, in a comfortable, modern setting. While Togi may not have the tastiest, most premium Korean food around, you're assured of at least getting a great tasting meal each time.

Ambience at Togi appears, at first glance, clean and pristine, with natural touches as as a green wall of plants against colour themes of white and black. Only on closer inspection does Togi shows signs of aging, the walls are slightly off-white to grey, with holes pockmarking its surface. Decor, aside from the green wall, is minimalist. Furniture is semi-comfortable, large wooden tables fit for communal dining, and they also offer both indoor and outdoor al-fresco dining. I notice that ventilation here is above average, the smell of cooking doesn't cling too strongly to your clothes.

Service at Togi is friendly, with several Singaporean and Korean staff present. They'll able to converse in English pretty well, and able to make good recommendations from the menu, as well as provide basic descriptions on the dishes. Food is served pretty quickly, usually within 10 minutes. However, payment is self-service over the counter. I notice staff can assist with the initial cooking if you choose to order the barbecue items, and they do provide tips on how best to consume a dish if asked. Good service!

Food at Togi is distinctly Korean. They offer both Korean barbecue / BBQ, as well as ala-carte dishes, all of which are accompanied by 6 Banchan / side dishes. The menu is extensive, with portions designed for communal dining, so visiting with 2 or more people is strongly recommended. Taste of food is decent, but not the best, so Togi probably classifies as middle of the pack for me. Prices are reasonable for a restaurant, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here, though it's more economical and wallet friendly if you dine in larger groups of 4 or more.


The green wall here lends a sense of nature, and you have a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Upon closer inspection though, you can see the holes in the off-white walls, among other signs of aging.

Togi Exterior

Togi Interior

Togi Seating

Loved the balanced flavour of the Citron Tea (SGD $5), a good blend of sour, sweet, and zesty. However, it did get more concentrated and thick near the end of the cup, making it hard to drink. Stirring is recommended!

Citron Tea

The various canned juices here are rather unique, including the Cinnamon Juice (SGD $4) & Pear Juice (SGD $4). The Cinnamon Juice tastes a little like a spicier lemon tea, and is much sweeter. The Pear Juice is light and refreshing, with a mild, fruity flavour of pear.

Cinnamon Juice & Pear Juice

A total of 6 Banchan Side Dishes are served with each meal here, and the items change fairly often.

Banchan Side Dishes

The Gamja Salad / Mashed Potato Salad features a semi-smooth mashed potato, served cold, and studded with diced carrots and raisins. This makes it rather novel in taste, you get the crunch from the carrots, then the sweetness from the raisins... Good!

Gamja Salad / Mashed Potato Salad

The Kimchi Baechu / Kimchi Pickled Cabbage here isn't too spicy, but looks slightly limp. Taste is spot on, but I did think the seasoning could have been more intense.

Kimchi Baechu / Kimchi Pickled Cabbage

The Sigeumchi Namul / Boiled Spinach is straight forward, using fresh spinach, which has a nice crunch to it. The natural taste shines through, but otherwise, has no other flavour or dressing.

Sigeumchi Namul / Boiled Spinach

Loved the freshness of the Oi Muchim & Haem / Pickled Cucumber & Ham, which works well together. The crunchy, juicy taste of the cucumber, paired with the slightly salty, savoury taste of the ham, dressed with a dash of sesame seeds, is lovely.

Oi Muchim & Haem / Pickled Cucumber & Ham

The Myeolchi Bokkeum / Fried Anchovies have a satisfiying crunch, and isn't too spicy. I did think it could have been a little more crisp, and a little less oily though.

Myeolchi Bokkeum / Fried Anchovies

The Firm Tofu is aptly named, for its texture is a lot firmer than normal tofu. Served cold, it is nowhere near the soft pudding texture it should have, but at least the taste is decent.

Firm Tofu

A tiny portion of Juk / Korean Porridge is served along with the meal. Not too thick, but smooth, and slightly creamy, with a nice fragrance from the use of herbs and vegetables.

Juk / Korean Porridge

The Kongnamul / Cold Soy Bean Sprouts is fresh, crunchy, and quite refreshing. I like that it isn't limp or soggy. Bright and colourful, quite pleasing!

Kongnamul / Cold Soy Bean Sprouts

The Oi Muchim & Mu / Pickled Cucumber And Pickled Sliced Daikon Radish is nicely sour and tangy, without being unpleasant. Works well as a palate cleanser, or to awaken the palate before starting a meal.

Oi Muchim & Mu / Pickled Cucumber And Pickled Sliced Daikon Radish

The Ssalbap / Korean Steamed White Rice is warm and properly sticky, without being too clumpy. Pairs well with highly savoury / barbecue / grilled meat dishes.

Ssalbap / Korean Steamed White Rice

The Samgae-Tang / Ginseng Chicken Soup (SGD $25 Whole / $16 Half) has a tasty, refreshing soup / broth that is incredibly addictive, so tasty! The chicken meat is tender, pulling away from the bone easily, and fragrant with the infusion of herbs. The glutinous rice within is so soft, almost like porridge, and just delightful to eat. And yes, I couldn't get enough of the clear, tasty soup / broth! Highly recommended!

Samgae-Tang / Ginseng Chicken Soup 01

Samgae-Tang / Ginseng Chicken Soup 02

The Dak-Galbi / Stir Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes (SGD $16) is served piping hot on a sizzling hot plate, and is packed with tender, super tasty Dak-Bulgogi / marinated chicken, soft and chewy Ddukbokki / Tteokbokki / rice cakes, and a generous helping of vegetables, including cabbage, onions, and lettuce. Sufficient for 2 people to share, this dish is incredibly tasty, the chicken meat is sweet, savoury, smoky, and still moist. Good!

Dak-Galbi / Stir Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes 01

Dak-Galbi / Stir Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes 02

Dak-Galbi / Stir Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes 03

The Soondubu Jjigae / Spicy Tofu Soup With Seafood (SGD $13) has a generous portion of tofu beancurd, soft and wobbly within the mildly spicy, savoury soup / broth, that has been sweetened with an egg. The soup / broth is tasty, hearty, and comforting, great on a rainy day. There is a variety of seafood within, including squid, clams, and prawns, but the portion of seafood is limited, only enough to share between 3 diners or less. Decent enough as a dish, not terrible but not outstanding either.

Soondubu Jjigae / Spicy Tofu Soup With Seafood 01

Soondubu Jjigae / Spicy Tofu Soup With Seafood 02

The Japchae / Stir Fried Sweet Potato Glass Noodles (SGD $16) with assorted vegetables and minced beef is lovely. The noodles are properly sweet, savoury, and slippery. The onions, carrots, bell peppers / capsicum, and mushrooms lend texture, while the minced beef lends a meaty, savoury, full taste. Above average dish, worth ordering!

Japchae / Stir Fried Sweet Potato Glass Noodles 01

Japchae / Stir Fried Sweet Potato Glass Noodles 02

The Soe-Galbi / Marinated Boneless Beef Short Rib (SGD $28) is excellent! Tender, meaty, and juicy, with a nice savoury flavour from the marinade, the beef is so tasty! You can see the nice marbling of fat on the meat, and it pairs well with fresh Sangchu / Lettuce. Wrap the meat within before eating!

Soe-Galbi / Marinated Boneless Beef Short Rib 01

Soe-Galbi / Marinated Boneless Beef Short Rib 02

Sangchu / Lettuce

The Godeungeo-Gui / Grilled Salted Saba Fish (SGD $14) has a 15 minute preparation time, but every bit of waiting is worth it! The whole grilled mackeral fish is so fresh and meaty, with meat that comes off the small bones easily. Because it's marinated with a salt rub beforehand, the savoury, light salty taste has penetrated the fish meat, such that every mouthful is so flavourful! The fish texture isn't too dry, though a little sauce does help. Good dish, highly recommended!

Godeungeo-Gui / Grilled Salted Saba Fish 01

Godeungeo-Gui / Grilled Salted Saba Fish 02