Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel

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Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel (湖悦景観旅店)
No. 113
Yiyong Street
Yuchi Township
Nantou 55546

Beautiful Views, Spacious Rooms

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Visited: Jun-2018
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 4
Service: 5
Value for Money: 6
Spent about NTD $3060 / SGD $140 per person.
- NTD $3060 / SGD $140 Accomodation 2D1N
- $0 Room Service

Nearby Attractions: Taiwan Historica, Nantou County Pottery Museum, Sun Moon Lake, Lalu Island, New Era Sculpture Park, Yushan National Park, Taumi Eco-Village, Arboreal Insect Museum, Paper Dome, Qingjing Farm, Geographic Center Of Taiwan, Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Jiji Railway Station, Houtanjing Sky Bridge, Little Swiss Garden, Qingjing Skywalk, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Xitou Monster Village

Hotel Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, 1 Restaurant (Rooftop Restaurant), 1 Lounge (Lobby Lounge), Sun Deck, Currency Exchange Service

Hotel Activities: Internet Surfing, Sightseeing


Located about 90 minutes drive away from the Taichung International Airport / Ching Chuan Kang Airport, Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel (湖悦景観旅店) in Nantou County is a short-stay leisure hotel, meant for guests to sightsee the Sun Moon Lake area. Offering beautiful views of Sun Moon Lake from its waterfront location, Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel has comfortable and spacious rooms, but little else going for it.

Ambience at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel is plain and simple, with only a few small touches of decorative lighting and artwork in the lobby. Otherwise, the main attraction is the view of the waterfront. Everything else is clean and functional, but not memorable in any way.

Rooms at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel are spacious and comfortable. The beds are large and soft, and the bathroom is equipped with 2 different showers and a bath tub. The wardrobe is large, and the attached balcony has a good view of Sun Moon Lake. While the in-room wifi is strong, the cable television lacks variety of channels.

Food at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel is simple and straightforward. The international cuisine is limited, and average in quality, but the local food, particularly the congee, is tasty. There is no room service here. The Rooftop Restaurant has limited seating too, meant for quick eat-and-go style dining.

Service at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel is decent and functional enough. Staff converse in mostly Chinese Mandarin, limited English, and limited Hokkien. I notice staff double up as waiters in the restaurant as well. Note there is no laundry service here, so you'll need to either bring / buy sufficient clothing for your stay.

Facilities & Activities
The facilities and activities at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel are nearly non-existent. Beyond the strong and stable wifi connection, and the fantastic views of Sun Moon Lake, there is little to do within the hotel. You're better off heading out and exploring the nearby streets. Personally, I feel a 1-night stay at Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel (湖悦景観旅店) is sufficient.


Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 01 - Exterior Facade

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 02 - Bedroom

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 03 - Shower

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 04 - Bath Tub

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 05 - Living Room

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 06 - Balcony

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 07 - Lobby

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 08 - Rooftop Restaurant

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 09 - Globules Decor Lights

Hu Yue Lakeview Hotel 10 - Moose Sculptures



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