IKEA Restaurant & Cafe

August 28, 2010 Ivan Teh - RunningMan 0 Comments

IKEA Restaurant & Cafe
317 Alexandra Road
2F IKEA Alexandra

60 Tampines North Drive 2
4F IKEA Tampines


A (Little) Taste of Sweden
(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 4
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 3
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $14 per person.


Best known for their Furniture, IKEA is also gaining fame for their food..... especially their Swedish Meatballs. Coming by the IKEA Restaurant & Cafe at a pretty late 9pm, we still had to wait a good 20 minutes for a table, as the place was extremely packed.


Cafeteria style: Self-serve. Join any of the (long) queues, and pick up the dish you want. However, be prepared for occasional shortages of utensils, plates, etc., due to the overwhelming crowds. Also, you might find yourself wondering how to pick up the desserts, as some don't come with their own plate. (eg: Punsch Roll).

Staff don't take orders as well, as they mostly are concerned with preparing food. Clearing of tables - Supposed to be self-serve as well. Though IKEA has kindly provided a few cleaners, they normally are overwhelmed by the crowds. Be prepared to clear your own table.


The star of IKEA Restaurant & Cafe would have to be the Swedish Meatballs. Made from both beef and pork, they pack a lot of flavor, and go well with the brown sauce provided. They also provide a Lingoberry sauce, which tastes almost like cranberry sauce, just less sourish and with less acidity.

Swedish Meatballs, Potatoes & Lingoberry Sauce

The chicken wings are good too..... Not as oily as you'd expect.

Chicken Wings

The Mushroom Soup I tried was bland. Thumbs down.

Mushroom Soup

The rest of the food items are pretty average, though they do rotate their menu on a daily basis. Their Kids menu and Halal menu also play it safe, the food is edible, and relatively tasty. Average, but not something I would travel here just to eat. IKEA Restaurant & Cafe also has a Breakfast menu, but I doubt I'll ever have the chance to come here so early just to try it.

Chicken Thigh, Mashed Potatoes & Coleslaw

Nuggets & Fries

A few Desserts stand out for being unique to Sweden.

Punsch Roll is a kind of sweet pastry, covered with Marzipan and contains crushed cookies, cocao, and some sort of liqueur called "Punsch". Purposely colored Blue & Yellow to resemble the Swedish flag, it is quite tasty, but I thought it was a little too sweet.

Punsch Roll & Diam Cake

Princess Cake is a sort of sponge cake with whipped cream and custard, covered with Green Marzipan. Very nice, and again, extremely sweet, even more so than the Punsch Roll. Those with a sweet tooth will love it, for the rest, you might want to share.

Princess Cake

Don't forget to grab a Hot Dog before you leave, at $1 each, it's a steal.

Hot Dog Plain

Hot Dog With Chili & Mustard

Herring Plate

Roast Beef With Mushroom Sauce, Broccoli & Chips

Apple Cinnamon Pie

Swedish Meatballs Pasta

Swedish Meatballs, Potatoes & Lingoberry Sauce

Chicken Wings

Smoked Salmon Plate

Forest Mushroom Soup

Calamari, Nuggets & Fries

Almond Pie

Salmon With Spinach Potato Cakes


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