Characteristics Of Memes

Characteristics Of Memes

The Meme:
- Originally used in the study of genes
- Symbolizes the units of culture that spread from person to person by means of copying or imitation
- Now more commonly used to term a highly visible process taking place at a global scale on the internet
- They are not isolated discreet units, but building blocks of complex cultures - intertwining and interacting with each other

Difference between Viral And Meme:
- Viral: Spreads to the masses via digital word-of-mouth mechanisms without significant change. (Considered a ‘complete’ work)

- Meme: Lures extensive creative user engagement in the form of parody, pastiche, mash-ups or other derivative work, through imitation or remix. (Memes are ‘Unfinished’, thus encouraging engagement to ‘complete’ them - Downfall Parodies)

The 6 Characteristics Of A Meme:
1. Ordinary People
2. Flawed masculinity
3. Humour
4. Simplicity
5. Repetitiveness
6. Whimsical content