Zi Char - Old Punggol End Seafood

Zi Char - Old Punggol End Seafood

288 Bedok Road 
Simpang Bedok 



Old Punggol End Seafood is supposedly relocated from Punggol, and they specialize in seafood, specifically, crabs and crayfish. 

Owned by a family friend from church, Old Punggol End Seafood is a relatively small restaurant, with only 4 small tables and 2 large tables indoors, although they have another 12 tables outdoors. Do book in advance if you wish to sit indoors.

On this visit, we decided to order their non-seafood items, just to see how it matches up. 

The star dish that we tried at Old Punggol End Seafood would definitely have to be the Red Wine Pork Ribs... They were savoury with the reduced red wine sauce, and very addictive! 

The Crispy Duck With Hand Made Popiah Skin gets a mention, as the meat was cooked till it came off the bone easily. Similar to American Pulled Pork, it's served by pulling and shredding the meat. Although the meat was dry, the skin was super crispy and delicious. 

The Yam Paste was good as well, and the portion is quite filling. 

Service is relatively quick, we waited less than 10 minutes before the first dish arrived. 

Old Punggol End Seafood prices are very affordable, their rice and noodle dishes like Mee Goreng are priced between $3 and $5, meat dishes are between $8 and $15, and seafood costs between $18 and $25.

Crispy Duck With Hand Made Popiah Skin 01

Crispy Duck With Hand Made Popiah Skin 02

Mee Goreng

Nai Bai

Ngo Hiang

Oyster Omelette

Red Wine Pork Ribs

Yam Paste