OpenSnap Launch Party

OpenSnap Launch Party
This was an invited media review. I did not pay any admission fee for this event.
Some images are courtesy of Open Rice Singapore.

Despite initial hiccups, the day finally arrived for the launch party of OpenSnap, the latest mobile app for foodies. Developed by the Open Rice Singapore team, OpenSnap allows foodies to share their food moments, and also to find restaurants through photos!

On 29th April 2014, Singapore's media descended upon Flutes Restaurant Bar at the National Museum. The Open Rice team had turned out in full force to welcome guests, along with hired emcees and even setting up a photobooth. We were each given an iPad preloaded with the OpenSnap mobile application, and showed the basics of how to use it.

OpenSnap is almost like a mirror of the Open Rice website and Open Rice mobile app, being search-oriented. However, instead of searching through text, users of OpenSnap can also search by photos, user reviews, or by nearby restaurants.

OpenSnap also functions like a mini social platform, allowing users to engage and follow other OpenRicers. This brings it into direct competition with more established mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram or FoodSpotting.

The edge that OpenSnap has over these other mobile apps includes being a dedicated food app, as well as a unique way to search through photos. Furthermore, OpenSnap further differentiates itself by allowing users to not only edit photos within the app, but to also add food comments in the form of stickers!

I like that OpenSnap is easy to use, and quite fun / playful. I especially love that it's smart enough to sort photos into personalised albums base on restaurants, and also doesn't consume too much battery or memory space as compared to other apps.

Overall, the OpenSnap mobile app by Open Rice Singapore is a fun, useful application. And while certainly different in some aspects, it has quite a long way to go to compete with the established brands. You can try out OpenSnap here: or the original OpenRice mobile app for Android: or iPhone: