Turo Turo

Turo Turo
6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
#01-24 UE Bizhub East (North Tower)


Simple, Tasty Filipino Food In A Casual Setting

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $12 per person.


A casual and clean cafe serving authentic cuisine of the Philippines, Turo Turo is tucked away in the quiet Changi Business Park area, and mostly frequented by office workers during lunch. Boasting home cooked Filipino food that is tasty and affordable, Turo Turo The Pinoy Kitchen is a true hidden gem.

Ambience at Turo Turo is comfortable and casual, with distinct touches of decor from the Philippines. Model toys and other knick knacks that represent Filipino culture are spread throughout the interior, and the brightly lit signboard displaying the menu is a huge eye-catcher. Lighting within is moderate, though I felt the furniture was functional but not so comfortable.

Service at Turo Turo is very good. The usual Filipino courtesy and hospitality is evident, staff are friendly and welcoming, food is prepared and served quickly. Though Turo Turo looks like a self-service place, staff actually serve you tableside. Communication is acceptable, staff can converse well in English.

Food at Turo Turo is simple, authentic, rustic Filipino fare. Dishes have a good portion size, and prices are lower than normal for a cafe, costing an average of less than SGD $10 per person. Presentation of food is lacking, looking somewhat simple, but is tasty and hearty.


Little touches and symbols from the Philippines reflect the Filipino culture throughout the interior.

Turo Turo Counter

Turo Turo Seating 01

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Turo Turo Souvenirs

Toy Bull Cart

Toy Jeepney

The Beer San Miguel is among the cheapest in Singapore, with a bottle costing an amazing low price of SGD $4.50!

Beer San Miguel 01

Beer San Miguel 02

Tapsilog (SGD $7) is a traditional Filipino dish that consists of cured beef (Tapa) grilled to perfection, garlic fried rice (Sinangag), and a fried egg (Itlog). The Tapsilog here is literal in its interpretation, those are the only items you're served. But the beef is still moist and very tasty, with good grill flavour and smokiness. The garlic fried rice is fragrant and each grain has a nice coating of flavour, although it looks plain.

Tapsilog 01

Tapsilog 02

The Tocino With Tomato And Salted Egg (SGD $8) features a cured pork bacon (Tocino) that has a sweet and tart flavour, and is less salty than regular bacon. Balanced by the freshness of the tomato and the saltiness of the salted egg, the Tocino With Tomato And Salted Egg is a comfort meal.

Tocino With Tomato And Salted Egg 01

Tocino With Tomato And Salted Egg 02

The Pork Sisig (SGD $9), simply put, is a hot plate with minced pork, diced onions, red and green chili, and a raw egg, cracked over just before serving. But this simple description doesn't do it justice. The Pork Sisig is one of the most flavourful Filipino dishes, with the meat being salty and savoury, perfect for pairing with rice. The onions lend a nice crunch for texture, while the chili lends a slight heat, waking the palate. And then comes the great debate: Will you break the egg yolk as it's cooking, letting the yummy yolk flow all over and coat everything, becoming a delicious scrambled egg style? Or will you leave it as it is, until it perfectly cooks to a sunny side up egg style? Regardless, the satisfying sizzling sound, and the fragrant savoury aroma that hits you... Perfect.

Pork Sisig 01

Pork Sisig 02

The Sinigang Na Bangus (SGD $8.80) is a huge stew pot of piping hot soup / broth, a signature Filipino favourite. The soup / broth is nicely sour and tangy, without being overly salty or too sour, and is very drinkable and comforting. Filled with some vegetables, including kai-lan / Chinese kale / Chinese broccoli, tomatoes, and onions, which are fresh, crunchy, juicy, and tasty. However, the bangus fish / milkfish, while deboned nicely, has that muddy, slimy taste that didn't appeal to me.

Sinigang Na Bangus 01

Sinigang Na Bangus 02

Sinigang Na Bangus 03

The Halo-Halo (SGD $4.50) is packed full of ingredients, and well worth ordering. The glass is stuffed with orange sweet potato, purple yam / taro / ube, nata de coco / coconut cubes, yellow sago balls, green jelly, red jelly, banana, then topped with shaved ice and corn ice cream. Full of flavour, incredibly tasty, though this version veers away from the traditional by also including cornflakes!

Halo-Halo 01

Halo-Halo 02