Brunetti Cafe

Brunetti Cafe
163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall

Amazing Variety of Premium Italian & French Desserts

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 9
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $37 per person.


Brunetti Cafe is an Italian cafe that was originally founded in Melbourne, Australia, and has since expanded overseas, arriving in Singapore Tanglin Mall in August 2011. Brunetti Cafe is known for their vast array of pretty looking, absolutely delicious desserts of French, Italian and American origin, as well as their use of high quality, premium ingredients in their preparation.

Brunetti Cafe brings together a luscious array of everything Italian in an enticing café space - a Gelateria, Cioccolateria, and Pasticceria. This all-in-one concept features a brightly lit, casual seating cafe, with both indoor and outdoor ambience. I especially love their huge dessert display case, with their colourful, mouth watering gelatos, macarons, cakes and pastries!

Service at Brunetti Cafe is semi self-service, with ordering and payment done at the counter, though staff will serve orders to your table. I find staff to be friendly and professional, knowledgable in recommendations and the vast array of items on offer, as well as alert and quick to respond. They're also efficient... perhaps too efficient, as they cleared my table before I was done during 1 of my visits! In hindsight though, that was more my fault was wandering away without warning them.

Because Brunetti Cafe is an Italian style cafe, the majority of dishes and desserts are primarily Italian, though there is also a small selection of French and American style dishes / desserts. Generally, I find food / desserts here to be of very high quality, using fresh ingredients, and prepared with good skill from the chef. Prices naturally, are slightly high as compared to other cafes, but I'm willing to pay a little more for the quality!


The food menu may be small compared to the mind-boggling array of desserts, but each dish is done with great skill, presented beautifully and tastes great. Half the menu focuses on breakfast / brunch dish, while the other half feature Italian stalwarts of Pasta and Pizza, Salads and Antipasto.

Brunetti Cafe Seating

Brunetti Cafe Menu Food

With over 25 different flavours of Gelato freshly made daily, ice cream lovers are spoilt for choice. Ranging from traditional flavours, to quirky creations like the Hello Kitty Ice Cream (SGD $6.50 Small) or Zabaione Ice Cream, all the gelato here is made with premium high quality ingredients. Sure it's slightly more expensive than other ice cream brands, but you get what you pay for!

Gelato Flavours 01

Gelato Flavours 02

Hello Kitty Ice Cream

Zabaione Ice Cream

The Macarons (SGD $2.50 Each) on display here command attention, and was what originally attracted me to this place. Each of the 10 different flavours are vibrantly coloured, and stand out amidst the display of desserts.

Macarons 01

Macarons 02

There are 4 different flavours of Cupcakes (SGD $2.90 Each), namely Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Oreo, and Salted Caramel. Size is somewhat between a regular cupcake and a mini-cupcake though.

Cupcakes Apple Cinnamon, Banana, Oreo, Salted Caramel

Most of the cakes here are made using French pastry techniques. The range of cakes / pastries include French, Italian, and American inspired. In particular, the French Custard Tart (SGD $6.50), Emotions Cake (SGD $8.50), Dolce Amore Cake (SGD $8.50), Limoncello Cake (SGD $8.50), and Lemon Meringue Tart (SGD $8.50) stood out for me. Prices are slightly high, but again, so is the quality.

French Custard Tart, Emotions Cake, Dolce Amore Cake

Limoncello Cake

Lemon Meringue Tart

The Profiterole (SGD $52) is meant for sharing (6 portions), and is a tall mound of choux pastry filled with zabaglione cream (a light whipped custard), topped with dark chocolate glaze, white chocolate sheets, and studded with strawberries.


Similarly, the Svizerra Cake (SGD $52) is also for sharing, and layers of vanilla sponge cake infused with cherry brandy, layered with zabaglione cream (a light whipped custard). Covered with milk chocolate flakes and almond flakes on the outside, and topped with choux pastry, milk chocolate cream and zabaglione cream.

Svizerra Cake

I absolutely adore the Italian Hot Chocolate (SGD $6.50) here! Very thick and dense, yet smooth texture, the drink is rich and deep with the intense flavour of chocolate. I got mine without whipped cream for the pure chocolate flavour, and I daresay this is among the best Hot Chocolate in Singapore!

Italian Hot Chocolate 01

Italian Hot Chocolate 02

The Spiced Chai Latte (SGD $5) here has a sweet hint of spices used in the coffee, and I can taste cinnamon within. Very good, I liked the slight heat and sweetness of this drink.

Spiced Chai Latte

The Sencha Green Tea (SGD $5) has that aromatic floral essence, refreshing and invigorating.

Sencha Green Tea 01

Sencha Green Tea 02

The Cafe Fredo (SGD $5) is wonderfully fragrant, with a nice smooth body and strong, slightly bitter coffee taste. This popular Italian style of coffee involves keeping the coffee in a freezer, then serving it very cold, almost like a slushie, but smoother in texture.

Cafe Fredo

The Vienna (SGD $6) coffee has a sweet aroma, a thick, creamy texture, and a strong body. Pretty good!


The Contadino (SGD $9) makes for an excellent appetizer / light snack. A firm pastry crust encases a warm, satisfiying vegetarian medley of Ratatouille Nicoise, made with softly stewed, yet still fresh and firm tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers / capcisum and mushrooms.

Contadino 01

Contadino 02

The Butternut Pumpkin Soup (SGD $8.90) has a velvety smooth texture, and the fresh, creamy taste of butternut pumpkin. Love the aromatic flavour, and the crisp dipping bread paired well with the hot broth. Utterly satisfying.

Butternut Pumpkin Soup 01

Butternut Pumpkin Soup 02

The Wild Mushroom Soup (SGD $8.90) has an intense earthy taste and fragrant mushroom aroma. I loved the freshness and richness of the mushroom taste in the broth! Texture is smooth and creamy, very good.

Wild Mushroom Soup 01

Wild Mushroom Soup 02

Despite the name, Chicken Scaloppini (SGD $19.90) actually refers to the Italian cooking method of thinly sliced meat that is sauteed, then served in a sauce, not the seafood / shellfish scallops. The meat is tender but still juicy, and the chicken and lemon jus sauce lends a nice tangy, savoury taste without being overpowering. The linguine aglio olio is done to perfect al-dente, with lots of fragrant garlic, and the cherry tomatoes are fresh, bursting with flavour when bitten. Excellent pasta dish!

Chicken Scaloppini 01

Chicken Scaloppini 02

The Wild Mushroom Risotto (SGD $20.90) is a delight to behold. The rice is nicely al-dente, with some bite, and the mushroom broth has totally infused each grain. The wild mushroom chunks are fresh and meaty, and the shavings of cheese enhance the flavour. Very good!

Wild Mushroom Risotto 01

Wild Mushroom Risotto 02

The Italian Pan Eggs (SGD $15.90) consists of 3 sunny side up eggs, done to your liking, covering a tasty, savoury bed of sliced bacon stewed in fresh home-made tomato sauce, topped with juicy cherry tomatoes and garnished with black truffle paste. At once savoury, earthy, fresh, and utterly tasty, pair each mouthful with the crisp bread toast for the crunchy texture. Highly recommended!

Italian Pan Eggs 01

Italian Pan Eggs 02

I love the Donna Regina Pizza (SGD $21.90) for its thin crust, fresh tomato paste, soft porcini mushrooms, flavourful home made pork sausage slices, and melted buffalo mozzarella cheese. Tasty and filling, good for sharing!

Donna Regina Pizza 01

Donna Regina Pizza 02

Donna Regina Pizza 03

I loved the Tiramisu Cup (SGD $8.50), done almost in the traditional Italian style. This version is alcoholic, made with coffee liqueur, and has less ladyfinger biscuits than an authentic Tiramisu, with more cream. Still, this is an good rendition, and worth a try.

Tiramisu Cup 01

Tiramisu Cup 02

The Opera Cake (SGD $8.50) has a dense, rich, chocolate flavour from the fudge-like glaze. The almond sponge cake is layered with hazelnut spread / nutella, coffee buttercream, and has a slight hint of coffee infusion. Very good cake, worth trying.

Opera Cake 01

Opera Cake 02

The Pistachio Tea Cake (SGD $8.50) has pistachio infused sponge cake, layered with tangy raspberry cream. I love the sour taste of the cream balanced with the sweetness of the cake. Frosting sugar coats one half, while the other half is coated with crushed pistachio nuts and a cherry.

Pistachio Tea Cake 01

Pistachio Tea Cake 02

There is a small range of authentic Italian biscuits available here, all made in-house. I got a small Italian Biscuits Sampler.

Italian Biscuits Sampler

The Florentine Biscuit (SGD $1.90) is an Italian style biscuit of almonds and blackcurrants set in caramel and half dipped in chocolate. Has a unique chewey texture, and a slightly sweet, savoury flavour.

Florentine Biscuit

The Biscotti Olandesi (SGD $1.90) is a thick hazelnut infused butter biscuit, with a thin layer of blueberry jam between, and both ends dipped in chocolate. I like it for its rich buttery flavour and thick biscuit texture.

Biscotti Olandesi

The Occhio De Nero (SGD $4) is a vanilla shortbread filled in the middle with nutella, topped with crushed hazelnuts. Love this modern looking biscuit, and its rich nutty taste.

Occhio De Nero

The Baci Di San Remo (SGD $1.90) is a lovely chocolate and hazelnut ganache in a biscuit. Tastes like a Ferrero Rocher with Nutella in a firm chocolate cake! Excellent, I recommend this!

Baci Di San Remo

The Blue Sky Ice Cream gelato (SGD $6.50 small) is an attractive sky blue colour, with a light, airy, creamy texture, and a sweet caramel toffee taste.

Blue Sky Ice Cream