311 New Upper Changi Road
#B1-53 Bedok Mall

Fresh Made To Order American Style Chicken Wings

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $12 per person.


Wingstop was founded in 1994 in Texas, United States Of America, and has since grown internationally, opening its first store in Singapore Bedok Mall in December 2013. Wingstop specialises in American buffalo style chicken wings, offering made to order, freshly sauced and tossed chicken wings, smothered in a choice of 11 different sauces.

Ambience at Wingstop is styled after 1930s American diners, small and cozy but with loud colours of red, white and green. Decor is aviation themed, with the Wingstop logo featuring a pair of wings. The choice / variety of sauces are also designed as logos, and used for decor. Furniture is functional but not too comfortable, similiar to other fast food franchises, and lighting is sufficient, though some areas fall in shadow.

Wingstop is largely self-service. Order and make payment at the counter, then collect your own food. I do find staff to be quite knowlegable on the menu (it's a small menu), but what I really like about service at Wingstop is that they make each batch of chicken wings only upon order. Then they sauce and toss the piping hot chicken wings in your choice of sauce (choose from 1 of the 11 sauces), before buzzing you for collection. No heat lamps, no reheating, no microwaving!

The star food item at Wingstop is their chicken wings and boneless chicken strips, covered in 1 of the 11 sauces. Each combo meal costs about SGD $12, and you can choose 2 different sauces for your wings / strips. Portion is sufficient for 1 person, and I love the crispness of the exterior skin, while the chicken meat within is still tender and juicy.


A tinge of American Diner nostalgia, a dash of aviation theme decor, and a made to order fast food concept, along with many different varieties of sauces make this a winner!

Wingstop Icons

Wingstop Decor

Wingstop 10 Sauce Flavours

Wingstop Drink & Buzzer

A choice of 1 of 3 different sides (SGD $2.50 ala carte) to accompany each combo meal, either Potato Salad, Coleslaw or Fries. Of the 3 sides, I like the Potato Salad for its chunky, eggy potatoes, while I though the Coleslaw was a little too heavy on the sauce. The Fries are decent, with good potato flavour.

Potato Salad



Each combo meal also comes with a choice of 1 of 2 different dipping sauce, though I suspect this is more for the Fries, as your wings / strips are already covered in sauce. Choose from Ranch or Honey Mustard.

Sauce Ranch

Sauce Honey Mustard

The Wings Original Hot are done in the traditional American style of buffalo wings, with a strong tangy, sour, and spicy taste, and bright orange-red colour.

Wings Original Hot 01

Wings Original Hot 02

The Wings Oriental Soy Pepper is a Singapore only flavour, with a peppery, salty, savoury taste, and deep brown colour.

Wings Oriental Soy Pepper 01

Wings Oriental Soy Pepper 02

The Wings Teriyaki is a Japanese inspired flavour, with hints of sweet and savoury taste, and a light brown colour.

Wings Teriyaki 01

Wings Teriyaki 02

The Wings Hickory Smoked BBQ is a Texas / American inspired barbecue flavour, with a bold, sweet, smoky and tangy taste, and deep amber colour.

Wings Hickory Smoked BBQ 01

Wings Hickory Smoked BBQ 02

The Wings Louisiana Rub is a Louisiana / American inspired dry barbecue rub, making use of various herbs and spices to give a salty, savoury, fresh taste, and light golden colour. Among all the flavours, this has the most crisp skin.

Wings Louisiana Rub 01

Wings Louisiana Rub 02

The Wings Cajun is deceptive, hitting you first at the front with its sweet, sour and tangy taste, while the lingering burning spicy heat kick in towards the back. With a bright red colour and a dry spice rub complementing the hot bayou inspired sauce, the heat gradually builds throughout the meal!

Wings Cajun 01

Wings Cajun 02

The Wings Lemon Pepper has a perfectly crisp skin, lightly coated with a sprinkle of salt, a splash of zesty lemon juice, and a dash of pepper, giving it a slightly sour, slightly salty, slightly spicy kick. With a medium golden colour, this is very good, especially for those who don't like, or can't consume, chili!

Wings Lemon Pepper 01

Wings Lemon Pepper 02

The Wings Hawaiian is coated in a thick glaze, tasting of a combination of sweet and sour, with more emphasis on sweetness. With a light amber colour, this non-spicy version only pays tribute in name to the Hawaiian / American lifestyle.

Wings Hawaiian 01

Wings Hawaiian 02

The Wings Atomic is coated in a semi-thick glaze, with a fiery angry red colour. The scent of spicy hits you when served, and each mouthful is a delightful tangy burn that continues to build till you tear.

Wings Atomic 01

Wings Atomic 02

The Wings Garlic Parmesan wins on taste, with its fragrant aroma of cheese and a slight hint of garlic, with a crisp, semi golden brown skin. But of all the items on the menu, this is the weakest in terms of texture, because it's not coated in a sauce / glaze, but simply sprinkled with the toppig. This means the topping is loose and falls off easily, leaving just a somewhat plain chicken wing.

Wings Garlic Parmesan 01

Wings Garlic Parmesan 02

I felt the Jalapeno Cheese Fries was the best side dish here. The fresh, hot, thick cut fries with great potato taste are covered in a cheese sauce, then topped with fresh jalapenos for a spicy kick.

Jalapeno Cheese Fries