Delhi Street Food - Part 2

Delhi Street Food - Part 2

More Delhi Street Food that I've tried during other visits to Delhi, India, continuing from Part 1.

This list includes dishes not listed in Delhi Street Food - Part 1. While cuisine is mostly North Indian, there are also influences from South Indian and West Indian cuisines.


Burfi Pistachio / Barfi Pistachio is a sweet North India dessert, made with condensed milk, sugar, and ground pistachio nuts, then cooked till it solidifies. Popular in Delhi, and normally eaten during special occasions or festivals, it is often coated in a thin silver edible metallic leaf called vark.

Burfi Pistachio / Barfi Pistachio 01

Burfi Pistachio / Barfi Pistachio 02

Chicken Tikka from Delhi. This pre-marinated boneless chicken chunks, roasted in a tandoor oven, is a popular dish in North India.

Chicken Tikka

Chole Bhature is a dish originating from Delhi, and is especially popular as a breakfast dish. It combines a fluffy deep-fried leavened bread made from maida refined wheat flour, yoghurt, ghee (clarified butter), and baking powder, called Bhatura / Bhatoora, with a Dhal Chana. It is quite a heavy breakfast dish, often consumed with Lassi.

Chole Bhature

Often prepared to celebrate special occasions, I think the Coconut Laddu is probably the best North India sweet / dessert I had in Delhi. Made with condensed milk, ghee (clarified butter), powdered cardamom, sugar, powdered coconut, and dessicated coconut, it has a sweet, nutty, fruity taste.

Coconut Laddu 01

Coconut Laddu 02

Coconut Laddu 03

Dehradun Basmati Rice is a strain of Basmati Rice that originates in the city of Dehradun, in Uttarakhand, North India. Dehradun Basmati Rice is famed for its fragrant aroma, smooth texture, and rich taste, and is typically steamed together with cloves.

Dehradun Basmati Rice

Gulab Jamun from Delhi. It differs from the Singaporean version by having the garnish of nuts stuffed within, instead of sprinkled on top.

Gulab Jamun 01

Gulab Jamun 02

Kaju Kalash is an attractive North India sweet / dessert, shaped like a 'Kalash' water jug and represents auspiciousness. Made with water, ghee (clarified butter), sugar, and cashew nuts, then decorated with a thin silver edible metallic leaf called vark. Sometimes, it is stuffed with cashew nuts, almonds, or pistachio nuts.

Kaju Kalash 01

Kaju Kalash 02

Khandvi orginated in Gujarat, West India, and is unique for being a savoury dessert. Made with gram flour / chickpeas, yoghurt, ginger, and water, it is shaped into a cylinder. This bright yellow savoury dessert is garnished with dessicated coconut, coriander, sesame seeds, and can be served either hot or cold. Sometimes, cumin seeds or grated cheese is added. It has a warm, slightly spicy taste, with a texture similar to a pancake.

Khandvi 01

Khandvi 02

Kulfi Pistachio is a traditional North India sweet / dessert that is made with milk / evaporated milk / condensed milk, sugar, powdered cardamom, and pistachio nuts. The popular sweet / dessert is often prepared using a unique slow freeze method, which results in a smooth, creamy, semi-solid / semi-liquid texture than has no ice crystals. It is similar to Western style ice cream, but more dense and creamy.

Kulfi Pistachio 01

Kulfi Pistachio 02

Kulfi Pistachio 03

Malai Tikka is made by roasting boneless chicken chunks marinated with lemon juice, garlic, cheddar cheese / mozzarella cheese, onions, ginger, sour cream, yoghurt, powdered cumin, powdered cardamom, ghee (clarified butter), and salt. The roasting is done in a tandoor oven, and results in succulent meat that has a slightly creamy texture.

Malai Tikka

Moong Dhal Halwa / Moong Dal Halwa is a sweet / dessert that is considered a delicacy in Rajasthan, West India. Made with yellow mung bean / yellow moong dal, powdered cardamom, ghee (clarified butter), water, sugar, almonds, and saffron. Popular in the winter, it has a thick, sticky consistency, with a sweet, fragrant taste, along with some crunch from the almonds.

Moong Dhal Halwa / Moong Dal Halwa 01

Moong Dhal Halwa / Moong Dal Halwa 02

Motichoor Laddu is made with gram flour / chickpeas, water, sugar, milk, powdered cardamom, ghee (clarified butter), saffron, and orange juice / edible orange food colouring. During preparation, a mixture is passed through a sieve, which creates small, round pearls. They are then formed together into a ball, and held in place with a sugar syrup. This sticky, sweet dessert tastes of orange and citrus. Sometimes, it is garnished with almonds or pistachio nuts.

Motichoor Laddu 01

Motichoor Laddu 02

Mutton Rogan Josh from Delhi. Most of the versions in Singapore are often served boneless, but in Delhi, it's common to have it served on the bone.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Naan Plain and Naan Butter from Delhi. These are the 2 most common types of Naan consumed in Delhi, with the third being Naan Garlic. Naan Cheese is unknown in Delhi, as it was invented in Singapore.

Naan Plain

Naan Butter

Palak Aap Ki Pasand, or cream spinach curry / gravy cooked with wild button mushrooms, corn kernels, potatoes, and diced paneer cottage cheese / goat cheese. This main dish is often served with Indian bread or rice.

Palak Aap Ki Pasand 01

Palak Aap Ki Pasand 02

Paneer Shah Jahani is a Mughlai delicacy, named in honour of the 5th Mughal Emperor of India, Shahabuddin Muhammad Shah Jahan. It consists of paneer cottage cheese, milk, garlic, ginger, powdered turmeric, powdered coriander, powdered cumin, bay leaf, tomatoes, sugar, salt, yoghurt / heavy cream, onions, ghee (clarified butter), and cashew nuts.

Paneer Shah Jahani

Papdi Chaat / Papri Chaat is a popular North India fast food snack. Crisp fried dough wafers are topped with boiled potatoes, boiled chick peas, chili, yoghurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, then served with chaat masala and sev. Each bite is an explosion of flavour, with sweet, spicy, tangy, sour, crunchy, and refreshing, all combining in a complex mouthful.

Papdi Chaat / Papri Chaat 01

Papdi Chaat / Papri Chaat 02

Pongal is a rice dish from Tamil Nadu, South India. It is made by boiling white rice, coconut meat, coconut milk and mung beans. There are 2 versions, the sweet version uses white sugar or cane sugar, while the spicy version uses pepper or chili.


Raita is a popular condiment, made with yoghurt, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint leaf, onions, powdered coriander, and powdered cumin. It can be eaten as a sauce, a dip, a salad, or a side dish, and is often used to cool and refresh the palate after eating oily or spicy food.


Rasgulla is a traditional sweet / dessert that originated in the Bengal region, and is especially associated with the city of Kolkata, in West Bengal, East India. Rasgulla is made with chhena cottage cheese, semolina, water, and sugar, then shaped into a ball. It is served in a sugar syrup flavoured with either rose water or saffron, and sometimes is garnished with cardamom seeds or pistachio nuts. In some versions, a raisin or cashew nut is stuffed within. It has a chewy, sponge-like texture which soaks up the syrup.

Rasgulla 01

Rasgulla 02

Rasgulla 03

Rice Kheer is a type of North Indian dessert / Delhi dessert, a rich flavoured rice pudding. It's made by soaking white rice in water, then cooking the rice. Full cream milk, condensed milk and sugar are added to the cooked rice, then the mixture is boiled. Finally, it's garnished with powdered cardamom, raisins, chopped pistachios / chopped almonds, and served chilled. Rice Kheer Milk uses additional condensed milk to sweeten and thicken the mixture, while Rice Kheer Mango uses sliced mango to enhance the flavour.

Rice Kheer Milk

Rice Kheer Mango

Tandoori Chicken from Delhi. Among the most well-known, classic, iconic, traditional Punjab, North India dishes.

Tandoori Chicken

Rava Upma is a common South Indian dish eaten for breakfast, consisting of semolina, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, onions, chili and salt. It is similar to a thick porridge, and because of its simplicity, many variations can be created by adding different ingredients. Such ingredients may include grated coconut, peas, carrots, tomatoes, capsicum / bell peppers, corn, milk, curry leaves, peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios or okra / lady's finger.

Rava Upma

Vegetable Jalfrezi is made by cooking onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, string beans / green beans, chili, salt, ginger, garlic, powdered cumin, powdered turmeric, pepper, powdered cloves, powdered cinnamon, powdered cardamom, shallots, coriander leaf, and garam masala. Vegetable Jalfrezi is a simple to prepare dish, popular around the world.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Because India has a lot of vegetarian cuisine, the Veggie Burger is a popular interpretation on the typical Western style Burger. A Veggie Burger usually consists of 2 burger buns, sliced onions, lettuce, tomato, and a deep fried vegetable patty, made with potatoes, peas, carrots, and sometimes corn kernels. It is usually topped with tomato ketchup / tomato sauce.

Veggie Burger

A traditional Indian after-meal snack, breath freshener, and digestive aid, the colorful Sauf / Mukhwas is made with various seeds and nuts, such as fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, anise seeds, coconut, and / or sesame seeds. The mix is also sweetened with sugar, and enhanced with fragrant essential oils such as peppermint oil.

Sauf / Mukhwas