Hogs Bar & Restaurant

Hogs Bar & Restaurant
382 Joo Chiat Road


Lively Sports Bar, Better Atmosphere On Weekends

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 3
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $30 per person.


Styled as a bar for motorcycle lovers / bikers, Hogs Bar & Restaurant derives their name 'Hogs', from the affectionate nickname for the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Hogs Bar & Restaurant also doubles as a sports bar of sorts, and offers a good range of craft beers and wine, alongside a limited menu of food, in a charming, restored colonial bungalow.

The ample parking area at Hogs Bar & Restaurant allows bikers to showcase their motorcycles, while the restored colonial bungalow facade lends an air of elegance. Choose to relax at the chill al-fresco beer garden which gets cooling night breeze, or sit indoors, where the multiple televisions, and large projector, screens live sporting events, usually soccer matches. Great atmosphere for sports fans, plus, they even have a pool / snooker table!

The service provided by staff at Hogs Bar & Restaurant is inconsistent at times. Usually, they are friendly and welcoming, quick to take and fulfill orders. But dirty tables are cleared slowly. I find that staff are very stretched during peak periods, especially when Hogs Bar & Restaurant is packed during a popular sporting event, and staff are overwhelmed with orders. Service at such times tend to be slow, with forgotten or confused orders, incorrect billing, with diners sometimes being ignored. Terrible. Go when it's not too crowded.

I struggle with the food at Hogs Bar & Restaurant. Portions are large, and reasonably priced, but the problem I have is the very limited menu, with few options. Quality can be inconsistent as well, and I got burnt food on more than 1 occasion. But I like their good range of craft beers. The menu is expanded on weekends and public holidays, so I recommend avoiding weekdays when it's quiet.


The spacious interior with large projector screen and multiple flat screen televisions make this place perfect for screening sporting events, especially soccer matches. Furthermore, you can play pool / snooker here!

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Exterior

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Interior

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Beer Garden

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Circular Seating

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Bar Counter

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Pool Table

Hogs Bar & Restaurant World Cup 2014 Snack Menu

Hogs Bar & Restaurant Menu

Despite the name, Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew (SGD $14) does not contain honeydew melon juice. This 100% organic light golden English beer is brewed with malt, hops, and honey, giving it a gentle sweetness, with a slight bitterness. Texture is smooth, refreshing, and very drinkable, great for pairing with fried food!

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 01

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 02

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 03

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 04

Beer Badger Tanglefoot (SGD $13) is a bright golden ale with a smooth, balanced taste of malt, a sharp but not unplesant bitterness, and a crisp finish. Legend has it the beer got is name when the head brewer drank several tankards and "fell on" the name of the beer.

Beer Badger Tanglefoot 01

Beer Badger Tanglefoot 02

A huge portion of Onion Rings (SGD $12), best shared among friends. The batter is thick, flavourful and crisp, but doesn't hold on to the thickly sliced, large onions. Very filling!

Onion Rings 01

Onion Rings 02

The Chicken Wings With Fries Free Flow (SGD $30) was a promotion item during the FIFA World Cup 2014. A basket of 8 small pieces of fried chicken wings (without batter), are served with a supposedly unlimited serving of fries. The reality I experienced was somewhat different, as after our 2nd serving of fries, the staff kept 'forgetting' our requests, or used delaying tactics by not serving us. The chicken wings were decent, but overall this was terrible value for money, would be better if I had just ordered individual items instead.

Chicken Wings With Fries Free Flow

The Deep Fried Chicken Wings (SGD $13) were above average in taste, with a crisp, spiced batter that was flavourful. The wings themselves were rather meaty, bordering moist and dry, with a total of 4 complete chicken wings, or 8 drumettes and winglets. However, I did have 1 chicken piece that had burnt batter.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings 01

Deep Fried Chicken Wings 02

Caught the FIFA World Cup 2014 Germany VS France Match Screening here, which Germany eventually won, despite the spirited support of the France fans in the house.

Hogs Bar & Restaurant World Cup 2014 Germany VS France Match Screening