La Petite Cuisine

La Petite Cuisine
10 Jalan Serene
#01-02 Serene Centre

227 Upper Thomson Road

Affordable, Unpretentious, Hearty French & Italian Food

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $20 per person.



Among the first restaurants in Singapore to start serving cuisine from France, La Petite Cuisine has established itself firmly as a stalwart bastion of homely, French comfort food. First operating as La Cuisine, an up-market French restaurant in 2005, La Petite Cuisine was opened as a casual French bistro, to complement the main restaurant. And while La Cuisine has since ceased operations, La Petite Cuisine has been going strong all these years, consistently serving up affordable, unpretentious, and tasty, French and Italian dishes.

Ambience at La Petite Cuisine is similar to a Paris / Parisian street side bistro, with colourful furniture, checkered tablecloths, and a brightly lit interior. Their new premises has a much bigger floor space, and the walls are adorned with French paintings and news clippings. A brick wall on which is mounted a old-school blackboard displays the specials of the day. Definitely a casual, welcoming place!

Service at La Petite Cuisine is good. Staff offer greetings upon entry, and also bid you goodbye... but only if they're not busy. Ordering an payment is self-service though. But I like that the staff are able to offer recommendations, and are knowledgable on the menu. Orders are also served quickly to your table, waiting time is short, usually less than 10 minutes.

Food at La Petite Cuisine revolves around the cuisine of France and Italy. Generally, I find dishes to be very tasty, presented in a rustic style, and prepared with nearly authentic, traditional recipes, although some liberties are taken with ingredients. Portions are large for one person, and prices are very affordable, budget between SGD $20 to $30 or so per person for a meal.


The La Petite Cuisine Menu is small, offering a mix of French and Italian dishes, all at wallet friendly prices.

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La Petite Cuisine Menu Appetizers

La Petite Cuisine Menu Main Courses

La Petite Cuisine Menu Desserts & Drinks

The Paris / Parisian style Bread Roll With Butter is served with any order of soup. I find the bread to be soft, with a slightly crisp exterior. I also like that it's not pre-buttered, so you can decide how much butter you wish to use.

Bread Roll With Butter

Loved the smooth and rich Tomato Soup (SGD $4), with its bright, refreshing flavour. While there aren't any chunks of tomato within, it's still very satisfiying and drinkable. Among their more popular flavours!

Tomato Soup

The Mushroom Soup (SGD $4) is smooth, but I didn't quite like the thinness of consistency, as well as the slight tinge of sourness within. Not so good.

Mushroom Soup

The classic French Onion Soup (SGD $4) is done well here, with soft, sweet onions in the thin but flavourful broth / soup, and a slight tinge of caramelised essence. Garnished with shavings of cheese, this is a great start to a meal.

Onion Soup

The Escargots With Croissant & Salad (SGD $15) dish here combines 2 classic foods of France, escargot snails and croissant bread, into 1 dish. Each component is fine on its own, I love the crisp, flaky, somewhat buttery croissant, and the bread is soft enough to pull apart easily. The escargot snails are large and meaty, with an earthy garden taste. And the garden salad is fresh, lightly dressed, featuring classic French bistro salad favourites like red lettuce, rocket leaves, and arugula. But the cream and tomato sauce was weirdly sourish, and left an unpleasant taste in the mouth, ruining the dish.

Escargots With Croissant & Salad 01

Escargots With Croissant & Salad 02

The Foie Gras Pan Fried With Orange Confit Served With Salad (SGD $18.50) is the most expensive appetizer, but it's so good! The 2 pieces of foie gras / goose liver are perfectly seared, being slightly crisp outside, while being soft and nearly creamy within. Buttery and fatty, the sauce of orange confit lends a refreshing zesty tangy taste. Excellent!

Foie Gras Pan Fried With Orange Confit Served With Salad 01

Foie Gras Pan Fried With Orange Confit Served With Salad 02

Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie is a French Alsatian traditional recipe, from the region of Alsace in France, which borders Germany. As such, Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie is heavily influenced by the German Butcher / Meat Platter, and traditionally features hot sauerkraut with boiled / roasted potatoes, and various cuts of meat such as ham hocks, pork knuckles, pork shoulders, back bacon, and salted pork. There are 3 types of French sausages used, including Frankfurt sausages, Satrasbourg sausages, and Montbéliard sausages.

The Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie (SGD $21) here retains the spirit of the traditional, while changing the ingredients to those more readily available in Singapore. Not as authentic, but still very good, and the portion is large enough for sharing. The pork cutlet to has a nice smoky, grilled flavour, and was slightly moist, but very thick, thus, dry in the middle. The ham was well grilled, with a salty, savoury taste. The pork belly was excellent, and the fat comes off easily. The 2 types of sausages used are chicken frankfurter sausage and pork bratwurst sausage, both were well grilled and juicy!

The hot sauerkraut was done in French style, less tart but more moist than the German version. The boiled potatoes were lovely and soft, although I wish there was more of it. Highly recommended!

Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie 01

Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie 02

Choucroute Alsacienne / Choucroute Garnie 03

The Confit De Canard With Gratin Potato (SGD $17.50) is pure French food. This classic duck confit has moist, fork tender, fall off the bone meat on the duck leg, with a crisp skin livened with herbs. The savoury brown gravy isn't too salty, and the classic French potato gratin is soft and creamy. Truely among the best duck confit around, and so satisfiying, highly recommended!

Confit De Canard With Gratin Potato 01

Confit De Canard With Gratin Potato 02

Confit De Canard With Gratin Potato 03

The Crème Brûlée / Creme Brulee (SGD $5.50) is pretty good, and surprised me because it doesn't look that great. But the thin caramelised sugar crust shatters beautifully, and the custard within is smooth and sweet, but not overpowering. Infused with the traditional vanilla flavour, this is a happy dessert!

Crème Brûlée 01

Crème Brûlée 02