Top 5 Xinbei New Taipei Attractions

Top 5 Xinbei New Taipei Attractions

City: Xinbei / New Taipei
State: Taipei-Keelung Metropolitan Area / Greater Taipei Region
Country: Taiwan / Republic of China

The most populated city in Taiwan / Republic of China, Xinbei / New Taipei surrounds the actual city of Taipei in the Taipei-Keelung Metropolitan Area / Greater Taipei Region. Despite sharing the name of its more famous neighbour, Xinbei / New Taipei is a distinct city in its own right, with its own local government. Xinbei / New Taipei is known for its high technology industries (information technology, telecommunications, biotechnology), its cultural industries (pottery, festivals, film), and its energy industries (coal, hydroelectric, nuclear, green energy).

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Xinbei / New Taipei, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Yehliu Geopark


Located along the coast of the town of Wanli in Xinbei / New Taipei is Yehliu Geopark. A geological curiosity, its soft limestone rock formations of hoodoo stones have been eroded by wind and water over time, creating an otherworldly landscape. As both a museum and scenic location in Taiwan, many of these rock formations have been given imaginative names, based on their shapes when viewed from the correct angle. These include the 'Queen's Head', a symbol of Wanli town, the 'Fairy's Shoe', the 'Ginger Rocks', the 'Mushroom Rocks', the 'Dragon's Head', and more.

2. Tamsui Old Street

Near the border of Xinbei / New Taipei and Taipei is Tamsui Old Street / Danshui, a popular shopping destination known for its scenic broadwalk along the Tamsui / Danshui River. Especially beautiful during sunset, the streets are lined with all manner of retail shops, including traditional Taiwan handicrafts, nostalgic toys and sweets, classic Taiwanese culinary delights, carnival outlets, and more. Be sure to visit the Lover's Bridge, which is illuminated by different coloured lights at night, and is particularly beautiful. Also located here is the Tamsui / Danshui Fisherman's Wharf, and the old Dutch castle, Fort San Domingo / Hongmao Castle.

3. Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street is the main shopping and sightseeing area of the mountain town of Jiufen, in Xinbei / New Taipei in Taiwan. An old gold mining town, Jiufen was named for the 9 families who lived here, and always requested for '9 Portions' of supplies. The setting for several movies, the area offers fantastic views of the mountains / Mount Jilong, harbour, and Pacific Ocean. The Historic Commercial District has many traditional handicraft and snack shops, including the famed City Of Sadness Restaurant, featured in Hou Hsiao-hsien's film 'A City of Sadness', and the Jiufen Teahouse, a hangout for Taiwanese writers and artists. Songde Park also has several art sculptures and the early mining tunnel.

4. Museum Of World Religions

Among the most unique museums in Yonghe district in Xinbei / New Taipei in Taiwan, the Museum Of World Religions is dedicated to showcasing the world's great religions and their interconnections, as well as preserving sacred religious treasures. Meant for more than just religious education, but a place to promote harmony and acceptance of all mankind, the vast range of exhibits within encompass 10 major world religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, Sikhism, Shinto, Judaism, Taiwanese Aboriginal, Egyptian, and Mayan. Highlights include detailed scale models of famous holy sites, and riveting multimedia presentations of religious figures sharing their wisdom.

5. Shifen Old Street

Shifen Old Street in the Pingxi District of Xinbei / New Taipei is famed for its sky lanterns. Visitors to the area can purchase sky lanterns, on which hopes / prayers / wishes are written, stand over an operating train track, then release it into the sky. The most popular time to visit is during the Sky Lantern Festival. Also located nearby are the Taiwan Coal Mine Museum, with exhibits on mining machinery and mine locomotives, as well as the Shifen waterfall, the broadest scenic cascade waterfall in Taiwan.