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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
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Luncheon Meat N Egg Noodles Dry (SGD $8.90)

Decent Hong Kong Style Dishes And Snacks

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 6
Value for Money: 5
Spent about SGD $24 per person.


Founded in 2005, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is possibly the most successful brand of Hong Kong style 'cha chaan teng' / tea-house in Singapore. Known for opening till the wee hours of the morning in popular youth hangouts and nightspots, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is also popular for their snow ice desserts, thick toasts, and simple stir-fried noodles or rice dishes.

Ambience at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is clean, modern, and functional, but with little decor. Plush cushioned booths and simple wooden furniture line the spot-lit dining area, alternating shadows and light playing across the coloured walls. Tables are closely packed, which means the place is noisy and buzzing most of the time. The biggest draw for them is their longer than usual opening hours, suitable for late suppers or early breakfasts.

Service at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is mostly decent, with staff being polite, and quick to attend to diners. As expected, the more senior staff tend to demonstrate better service levels, showing guests more attention. Requests are quickly fulfilled, as are orders, so expect short waiting times of within 5 - 10 minutes, even during peak periods. I also note that staff quickly clear empty / dirty tables, but in their haste, they only do a quick wipe of the tables, rather than a proper cleaning.

Food at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is focused on mostly Hong Kong cuisine, Chinese Cantonese cuisine, and snacks. Dishes are mostly simple and quick to prepare, but this also means not as good value for money compared to other restaurants. Fortunately, portions are large, and prices are still wallet-friendly, good enough for everyday casual dining. Most dishes are tasty to a passable standard, you just have to know what to order here!


This description looks like it was a translated poorly from Mandarin or Cantonese... but it's quite amusing. 'Perfectly Legal' haha.

Weird Grammer Menu Description

The signature HK Yuan Yang (SGD $3.50) is a smooth, milky blend of 70% tea and 30% coffee. You taste the earthy flavour of tea followed by the bitterness of the coffee, yet this beverage is pleasant and easy to drink.

HK Yuan Yang (SGD $3.50)

The Yuzu Tea (SGD $3.20) is basically yuzu peels in a cup of hot water. The sweet sour, sharp flavour of the yuzu takes awhile to infuse into the water, so drinking it immediately when served means you'll get a horrible tasting, dilutated beverage. However, stirring and letting it sit for about 10 minutes, gets you a fragrant, refreshing, citrus tasting beverage, which is good! I changed my mind about this drink, it's worth ordering!

Yuzu Tea (SGD $3.20)

Felt the Honey Lemon (SGD $3.90) was decent, though underwhelming. While the lemon slice was sufficienly large and infused the hot water with a nice sour citrus flavour, the dollop of honey was too little, and the overall drink ended up tasting less sweet because of this. Not that great.

Honey Lemon (SGD $3.90)

Loved the comforting Wanton Dumplings Soup (SGD $5.90), with its light, delicate soup / broth that has a slight sweetness. The large, meaty wanton dumplings are tightly packed in a medium-thick skin, with a generous amount of fresh prawns / shrimp, and minced pork, having a good savoury sweet flavour. Excellent!

Wanton Dumplings Soup (SGD $5.90)

Wanton Dumplings Soup

The Bo Lo Bun With Ham (SGD $4.90) is among the most terrible versions I've eaten. Instead of being hot and crisp, the bun is cold and limp. Lacks that lovely sweetness usually associated with this snack. I ended up eating the sweet canned pineapple ring, and savoury slice of ham on its own. Skip this.

Bo Lo Bun With Ham (SGD $4.90)

Bo Lo Bun With Ham

The Peanut Butter N Condensed Milk Thick Toast (SGD $4.90) was excellent! The thick toast has a crisp exterior which crunches softly, while the interior remains soft and fluffy! A generous spread of sticky sweet nutty peanut butter, and a dressing of sweet condensed milk, make this breakfast / snack incredibly addictive! I feel like a little kid getting a treat with this, due in part to the peanut butter which sticks like, everywhere. Highly recommended!

Peanut Butter N Condensed Milk Thick Toast (SGD $4.90)

Peanut Butter N Condensed Milk Thick Toast

The best thing about the Fermented Pork Chop Dry Curry Ramen (SGD $10.90) is their crisp, savoury salty pork chop. Big on flavour, the pork chop has a soft crunch when bit, followed by the smooth, tender meat with a thin silver of fat. The thin egg noodles tossed in a thick, savoury spicy curry gravy (that has no fiery heat), and the crunchy stalk of fresh bok choy / Chinese cabbage complete the plate. Good!

Fermented Pork Chop Dry Curry Ramen (SGD $10.90)

Fermented Pork Chop Dry Curry Ramen

The Signature Stir-Fried Noodles (SGD $11.50) is a savoury salty dish of thin, slippery egg noodles stir-fried with soy sauce, carrots, and choy sum / Chinese flowering cabbage, garnished with a variety of fresh seafood, including squid, anchovies, and deshelled prawns, with sliced pork loin. Simple comfort food, I like that the seafood is plump, fresh, and generous in portion. Above average as a dish.

Signature Stir-Fried Noodles (SGD $11.50)

Signature Stir-Fried Noodles

The Luncheon Meat N Egg Noodles Dry (SGD $8.90) is a simple dish I could actually make at home, making it poor value for money. But I feel lazy, so I ordered it here. Thin egg noodles are tossed in a savoury salty soy sauce gravy, garnished with a sunny side up egg, a leaf of fresh, crunchy bok choy / Chinese cabbage, and large, meaty slices of well fried luncheon meat / spam. The dish is well executed, which makes it decent after all.

Luncheon Meat N Egg Noodles Dry (SGD $8.90)

Luncheon Meat N Egg Noodles Dry

The Pork Chop N Egg Papaya Soup Bee Hoon (SGD $11.50) features thin rice vermicelli noodles in a thin, light, sweet soup / broth, that has a fruity papaya flavour. Garnished with chunks of tender papaya, sweet corn kernels, a hard boiled egg, and a savoury, moist, chunk of pork chop on the bone. Light but satisfiying dish!

Pork Chop N Egg Papaya Soup Bee Hoon (SGD $11.50)

The signature Mango Snow Ice (SGD $6.90) dessert features a towering mountain of shaved ice, doused in sweet mango syrup, garnished with cubes of mango, nata de coco, and a scoop of mango ice cream. Best shared with at least 4 people, this fruity dessert is delicious, just sweet enough to leave you wanting more. You just unconsciously keep hacking away and eating it! Unstoppable!

Mango Snow Ice (SGD $6.90)

Mango Snow Ice

The piping hot, fragrant bowl of Black Sesame Cream With Glutinous Balls (SGD $5.50) has a thick, sweet black sesame paste, with 4 black sesame paste glutinous rice balls within. Satisfiying and comforting, this simple dessert will surely appeal to many. Good!

Black Sesame Cream With Glutinous Balls (SGD $5.50)

Black Sesame Cream With Glutinous Balls