Samjin Amook

Samjin Amook
36 Taejong-Ro
Bongnae 1(il)-Dong
South Korea

Various Outlets Across The Country

Fish Cake Bakery Display
Fish Cake Bakery Display

Creative Fish Cake Delights

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about KRW ₩5000 / SGD $6 per person.


Founded in 1953 in Busan, Yeongnam, South Korea, Samjin Amook specialises in the city's favourite snack - Eomuk / Fish Cake. With over 60 years of history and 20 outlets across the country, Samjin Amook is known for their extensive variety of fish cakes, and their design concept which resembles a bakery.

We came across the Samjin Amook outlet unintentionally, and at the time, we didn't even know what it was. But the concept was attractive, so we decided to buy some to try. And it was good! So we went back again at a later date. Only after returning to Singapore, did we realise that Samjin Amook had recently opened its 1st international outlet in Singapore in September 2017. And the place is trending now!

Ambience at Samjin Amook is styled to resemble a bakery, with rows upon rows of open displays, warmly lit and filled with sturdy wooden trays bearing their various fish cakes. The clean, modern, and welcoming feel draws in customers, and the clear signage makes it easy to identify what ingredient goes into each fish cake. Some stalls have seating, but most are pure takeaway joints.

Service at Samjin Amook is fast and efficient. No matter how long the queue is, customers are able to pay and leave quickly. Turnover for items is high as well, you can see the 'bakers' in the open kitchen furiously shaping fish cakes to keep up with demand. Replenishment is fairly quick, and staff are able to answer questions on the items.

Food at Samjin Amook is all about Busan style fish cakes. Offering over 50 different varieties at a time, each fish cake features 1 or 2 additional ingredients, which transforms the flavour. Portions are sized for individuals, and it's a delicious snack, hence the popularity. Prices are slightly high for a snack though, budget about KRW ₩5000 / SGD $6 per person for 2 - 3 items here.


Samjin Amook Facade
Samjin Amook Facade

Samjin Amook Signage
Samjin Amook Signage

Fish Cake Bakery Display

Fish Cake Bakery Display

The Eomuk / Fish Cake - Original (KRW ₩1500 / SGD $1.90) is pure simplicity. Made from minced white fish (cod, pollock, flounder, snapper), sugar, salt, onions, all-purpose flour, sweet potato / potato starch, water, and eggs. It has a bouncy soft texture, with a light savoury sweet flavour. The version here stands out because the texture is lighter and more pleasing on the palate, while the flavour is delicate and balanced. Good!

Eomuk / Fish Cake - Original
Eomuk / Fish Cake - Original (KRW ₩1500 / SGD $1.90)

The Corn Pizza Fish Cake (KRW ₩1300 / SGD $1.70) resembles a pizza in taste, with a garnish of corn kernels, crab stick, and mozzarella cheese on the base fish cake. More vegetal sweet in flavour, decent enough in taste. I find this rather messy to eat, as the kernels kept falling off.

Corn Pizza Fish Cake
Corn Pizza Fish Cake (KRW ₩1300 / SGD $1.70)

The Crab Stick Fish Cake (KRW ₩1000 / SGD $1.30) features a long crab stick, rolled into a base fish cake. I enjoyed this simple snack more than I expected.

Crab Stick Fish Cake
Crab Stick Fish Cake (KRW ₩1000 / SGD $1.30)

Among their signature items here, the Breaded Prawn Fish Cake (KRW ₩2000 / SGD $2.50) features a whole deshelled sweet prawn, wrapped in base fish cake, and crumb battered with panko breadcrumbs. Has a satisfiying crunch, then you get the meaty fish cake and prawn beneath, with its sweet savoury flavours. Highly recommended!

Breaded Prawn Fish Cake
Breaded Prawn Fish Cake (KRW ₩2000 / SGD $2.50)

The Chili Fish Cake (KRW ₩1000 / SGD $1.30) has a light spicy kick, very appetizing. Slight grip of the burning sensation, but it quickly fades away. Good!

Chili Fish Cake
Chili Fish Cake (KRW ₩1000 / SGD $1.30)