Jeju & Seogwipo Shops

October 08, 2017 Ivan Teh - RunningMan 0 Comments

Jeju & Seogwipo Shops

Some examples of the shops in Jeju & Seogwipo, whether along the streets or within the shopping malls.

Café Delmondo
Café Delmondo

Some notable ones include:
Burger 307, a casual western restaurant in Jeju & Seogwipo that specialises in hamburgers, made with fresh, hand minced beef
Café Delmondo, a cafe and bakery that offers fantastic views of Hamdeok Seubong beach
Haejin Hoetjip, a Jeju & Seogwipo restaurant that offers Saengseon-Hoe, which consists of a variety of raw seafood dishes
Kooksu Madang, a homely eating house that specialises in a local version of Pork Noodles called Gogi-Guksu
NH-Oil, also known as Nong Hyup Oil, a South Korea government owned gas and petroleum company


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