Top 5 Busan Attractions

Top 5 Busan Attractions

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City: Busan / Pusan
State: Yeongnam
Country: South Korea / Republic Of Korea

The second largest city in South Korea, Busan is famed for its beaches, hot springs, and nature reserves. Surrounded by the largest industrial area of the country, Busan also has the busiest port. The summer is usually the busiest period for the city, when tourists arrive to enjoy the weather.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Busan, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Haeundae Beach

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Haeundae Beach (Purchased Stock Image)

The city of Busan, in Yeongnam, is famed throughout South Korea for its beaches. And none are more famous than Haeundae Beach. This 1.5 kilometer stretch of white sandy coastline hosts beach festivals all your round, and is a popular spot for watching the sunrise or sunset. Its shallow bay is popular with swimmers, and on sunny days, the place is lined with vibrant, colourful parasols. This area even looks picturesque from afar!

2. Yongdusan Park
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Yongdusan Park (Purchased Stock Image)

Translated as 'Dragon's Head Mountain', Yongdusan Park in Yeongnam, South Korea, is home to several attractions. The highlight is the 118 metre high Busan Tower, which offers fantastic panoramic views of the city. Other sights include the Statue Of General Yi Sun-Sin; the Museum Of World Folk Instruments, which allows visitors to handle and play some of the musical instruments on display; the Exhibition Hall Of World Model Boats; and the stunning Flower Clock.

3. Gamcheon Cultural Village
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Gamcheon Cultural Village (Purchased Stock Image)

Also known as Taeguekdo Village, the enclave of Gamcheon Cultural Village gained acclaim throughout Yeongnam, and South Korea, when students decided to brighten up the neighbourhood with an artistic makeover in 2009. Today, this area of Busan is a colourful, quirky community of Lego-shaped homes, shops, and galleries. The labyrinth of alleys hosts a myriad of beautiful street art, delicious street food, and the Little Museum, which exhibits over 70 old-fashioned household items curated from the neighbourhood.

4. Beomeosa Temple
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Beomeosa Temple (Purchased Stock Image)

Located at the foot of Mount Geumjeongsan in Busan, Yeongnam, the Beomeosa Temple is famed across South Korea. Translated as 'Heavenly Fish', this magnificent Buddhist temple is surrounded by extraordinary picturesque scenery, in particular, the lavender wisteria flowers. The complex has several designated treasures, including the Three Story Stone Pagoda, the Daeungjeon (or main temple hall), and the Iljumun (or One-Pillar Gate), which is the 1st gate to the temple.

5. Songdo Beach Skywalk
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Songdo Beach Skywalk (Purchased Stock Image)

The Songdo Beach Skywalk is among the more recent attractions in Busan, Yeongnam, South Korea. At 365 metres long, this curved sea overpath is the longest in the country, and offers views of the azure blue ocean through a double-reinforced tempered glass floor. The promenade also allows for a complete panoramic view of the beach and city skyline. The sleek architecture is said to resemble a dragon flying over the sea, and naturally, the design is photogenic.