Amara Singapore

Amara Singapore
165 Tanjong Pagar Road

Great Location, Average Stay

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 5
Visited: Jan-2022
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 4
Service: 6
Value for Money: 5
Budget about SGD $1,200 per person.
- $1,200 Accomodation 4D3N
- $0 Room Service

Hotel Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Gymnasium, Business Centre, 3 Ballrooms, 4 Function Rooms, Swimming Pool, 2 Lounges (Lobby Lounge, Club Lounge), 4 Restaurants (Element Restaurant, Silk Road Restaurant, Thanying Restaurant, Bar-Roque Grill), 2 Cafes (Cafe Oriental, Tea Room), 1 Bar (Jigger & Pony), HAACH Spa, Cable TV, Laundry Service, On-Site Parking, 100 AM Shopping Mall, Currency Exchange Service

Hotel Activities: Work Out, Internet Surfing, Meetings, Conferences, Swimming, Dining, Watching Movies, Massage, Shopping


Located about 30 minutes drive away from the Changi international airport in Singapore, Amara Singapore is a 4-star hotel in the middle of Singapore's central business district. Presently in the midst of upgrading their rooms (as of January 2022), the hotel's newest rooms are on the lower floors. Amara Singapore is also well positioned for more than just business, being close to ample dining destinations and adjacent to the 100 AM shopping mall in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Ambience at Amara Singapore exudes an elegant charm and modern splendor. The warmly lit common areas, with high ceiling and gleaming marble surfaces in earthy wood tones, lend a sense of quiet opulence and sophistication. The facade itself is non-descript, barely calling any attention, save for the large stone guardian lion statues flanking the entrance. A rooftop garden in the middle of the building, designed with Indonesian Balinese touches, breaks the monotony of modernity, transporting guests into a lush, calm space.

Rooms at Amara Singapore are spacious, though only half the hotel currently boasts the renovated and refurbished rooms as of January 2022. I stayed at the Premier Executive Room, a comfortable and spacious room for modern travellers. Impressed with the gleaming marble walk-in open wardrobe with bathroom, although the high-tech bidet wasn't operational. The bed was comfortable, though the pillow cases had stains when I checked in. Love the smart television and decently sized working desk. There was a part of a wall in my room which was unfinished, with colourful wallpaper stuck with masking tape over the missing area.

Food at Amara Singapore in Element Restaurant is sadly not the same as pre-pandemic. While I've dined at Element Restaurant fairly often in the past; I certainly am disappointed this visit with the difference in quality. The local Singaporean dishes are still pretty good though, and worth ordering. The Silk Road Restaurant still maintains pretty good standards, and is worth visiting too. With many good quality restaurants and casual eateries nearby, guests really are spoilt for choice.

Service at Amara Singapore is excellent at times, but uncoordinated at other times. On interaction, I had difficulty understanding what a foreign staff was trying to communicate due to the accent, but on other occasions, staff were polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. The waiting time of 1-hour for check-in was eased by opening of the ballroom to guests, where they could watch movies and avail themselves to drinks and light snacks. On one occasion, staff were ready and standing by to receive guests at the ballroom waiting area, but on other occasions, no staff was present, leading to confusion for guests.

Facilities & Activities
The facilities and activities at Amara Singapore are positioned largely for business travellers. The gymnasium isn't open due to prevailing hygiene and safety measures, but the swimming pool can be booked by slots of 1-hour each, and offers a nice rooftop garden view. The ballroom and function rooms are well equipped for meetings and conferences, and were repositioned as waiting areas for guests before their check-in. Amara Singapore has so many restaurants, each specialising in a different cuisine. But the best factor is the adjacent 100 AM shopping mall, and the nearby proximity to restaurants and casual eateries along the Tanjong Pagar area.


Amara Singapore 01 - Exterior Facade

Amara Singapore 02 - Bedroom

Amara Singapore 03 - Television & Working Desk

Amara Singapore 04 - Open Wardrobe

Amara Singapore 05 - Bathroom

Amara Singapore 06 - Gymnasium

Amara Singapore 07 - Swimming Pool

Amara Singapore 08 - Ballroom

Amara Singapore 09 - Element Restaurant

Amara Singapore 10 - Lobby & Reception

Amara Singapore 11 - Tea Room

Amara Singapore 12 - Rooftop Garden Pavilion

Amara Singapore 13 - Business Centre

Amara Singapore 14 - Lobby Lounge

Amara Singapore 15 - Incomplete Works In Room