4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

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4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-06A ION Orchard

3 Gateway Drive
#02-05 Westgate Mall

68 Orchard Road
#B1-07 Plaza Singapura

65 Airport Boulevard
#B2-02 Changi Airport Terminal 3


Join The 4 Fingers Revolution

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $13 per person.


Despite having been in Singapore for a few years now, the perpetually long queues outside each 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken outlet has never let up. And why not? Their signature Korean fried chicken is crisp, moist, non-greasy, and absolutely tasty.

Although 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is a fast food chain, they are dedicated to elevating the experience of fast food, through offering quality Korean fried chicken. This is the theme of their decor, a revolution, a secret meeting of minds. Graffiti adorns the walls, while warning signs declare each outlet to be a restricted area. This underground scene even extends to their packaging, which bears labels such as secret or restricted.

Service at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is fast food style, order and pay at the cashier, and collect your order when buzzed. Still, the staff at the counters are friendly, and informative. Professionalism, I like! However, there is usually a long queue time of about 20 minutes or more, although once you order, you food is usually ready within 5 minutes.

Food at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken revolves around their signature Korean fried chicken, along with their 2 speciality sauces, the soy garlic sauce and the hot sauce. There isn't much variation to the menu, mostly consisting of either chicken, burgers / sandwiches, and seafood like squid or prawns. Prices are slightly more expensive than other fast food franchises though, so budget about SGD $13 per person for a meal.


It's rare to see a 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Interior empty like this.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Interior

Even the 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Cup has an underground theme, fitting in with the decor.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Cup

The Wings & Drummettes have crisp skin, moist, well-cooked meat, and tasty flavour. The Hot Sauce is quite fiery, and the heat builds gradually throughout the meal. The Soy Garlic Sauce is savoury and fragrant, without being too salty. Excellent!

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Speciality, Wings & Drummettes, Soy Garlic & Hot Sauce, Mix 12 Piece

Hot Sauce Wing & Drumette

Soy Garlic Sauce Wing & Drumette

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Speciality, Wings & Drummettes, Soy Garlic & Hot Sauce, Mix 12 Piece Again

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken Speciality, Wings & Drummettes, Soy Garlic & Hot Sauce, Mix 50 Piece

There are 2 options for seasoned fried (you can't get it plain), Kimchi Fries, or Seaweed And Chili Pepper Fries. The Kimchi Fries are seasoned with kimchi powder, and I feel aren't that tasty or special. But the Seaweed And Chili Pepper Fries are very good, with actual seaweed leaves and red chili pepper flakes.

Kimchi Fries

Seaweed And Chili Pepper Fries

The Katsu Chicken Sandwich With Kimchi Coleslaw features an excellent bite of the kimchi coleslaw, which is really tasty with the kimchi powder seasoning. The actual bun is similar to a mantou fried bun, crisp and super oily. The chicken meat within is simply fried, without any special sauce coating it, so it has a more natural taste.

Katsu Chicken Sandwich With Kimchi Coleslaw

I loved the freshness of the Tofu & Mushroom Salad, the lettuce has excellent crunch, and the soy garlic sauce is light, yet adds a savoury depth of flavour. The mushrooms are soft and tender, but the tofu cubes, which was soft but rather dry, let down this overall great tasting, rather healthy salad.

Tofu & Mushroom Salad

The Calamari has a nice light batter, and pairs well with either the savoury soy garlic sauce, or mildly spicy hot sauce. The portion is rather small however, and seems more like a snack / appetizer than an actual meal. Fortunately, the squid rings themselves are fresh, with a firm bite. Great for sharing!


I didn't enjoy the Battered Shrimp, as the shrimp themselves are rather small, not meaty, and tastes somewhat bland. Avoid this.

Battered Shrimp


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