Slappy Cakes

Slappy Cakes
200 Turf Club Road
#01-20 The Grandstand

26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-29 Resorts World Sentosa

Seriously Playing With Food

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 6
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $22 per person.


Visited Slappy Cakes for Valentine's Day dinner 2014. This American born franchise is known for it varied pancake flavours, and letting diners create and cook their own pancakes, bringing a fun and playful element to the dining experience.

Ambience at Slappy Cakes is modern casual, with colours of white, black, wood and yellow complementing each other. The floor space is thoughtfully laid out, offering a good view of the semi open kitchen. Quirky pictures are grouped along the wall, drawing the eye to its focal points.

Service at Slappy Cakes is decent. Staff are friendly, but my experience was slightly marred when they forgot an order. However, they are able to offer advice on how to cook the pancakes, which is essential seeing as diners will have to eat their own creations.

Slappy Cakes offers 5 different flavour pancake batters, and up to 32 varieties of toppings, both sweet and savoury. And because you get to cook your own designs, I find it incredibly fun to dine here. Prices are decent, with each batter costing SGD $8.50, served in a 230 milliliter bottle. This makes approximately 6 mid-sized round pancakes. Slappy Cakes also offers an all-day brunch menu.



With 32 varieties of pancake toppings, there is a lot of different combinations you can try. Pancake toppings are usually diced to make it easier to spread. Or you could simply eat them on its own.

Toppings Brie Cheese, Banana, Bacon

Unlike the pancake toppings, an add-on to a main dish is served whole. I loved the well grilled ham and pork sausage, which go well with either bread or potatoes.


Sausage Pork And Spatula

The Peanut Butter Batter has a slightly fragrant peanut aroma, and a slight nutty taste. However, it's not too obvious after being cooked through into a Peanut Butter Pancake.

Peanut Butter Batter

Peanut Butter Pancake

The refreshing Lavender Lemonade is infused with fragrant lavender essence.

Lavender Lemonade 01

Lavender Lemonade 02

Make your own designs with pancake batter!



Cooking Pancake

Loved the Mushroom Scramble, which features juicy mushrooms cooked into scrambled eggs, infusing it with an earthy aroma. Complements with perfectly roasted potatoes and toasted bread, though I think it's slightly too much starch for a dish.

Mushroom Scramble 01

Mushroom Scramble 02