Zi Char - F.P.C. Seafood

Zi Char - F.P.C. Seafood
267 Tampines Street 21 #01-47

Cheap And Good Hidden Find

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $13 per person.


Finally had the first ever dinner with her immediate family and extended family, on 13 February 2014, 08:15pm. Because her parents wanted to buy me a meal. And also my second and last taste of yu sheng for Chinese New Year of 2014.

Located deep in the heartlands of Tampines, F.P.C. Seafood is a small, family-run stall dishing out tasty and affordable Chinese Zi Char dishes. Because of its location in 267 Tampines Street 21, F.P.C. Seafood is mostly known to residents of the area, and it's virtually impossible to chance upon the area unless you were specifically looking for F.P.C. Seafood.

Ambience at F.P.C. Seafood is similar to a typical coffeeshop. The interior is clean, brightly lit, and cooled with ceiling fans. But the floor space is very small, able to take at most 3 big families or 7 small families dining at the same time. The open concept does mean that the interior is well ventilated and free of cooking smells.

Service at F.P.C. Seafood is friendly and casual, but efficient in serving. The family runs the kitchen and front of house, and the menu is extensive and varied. However, there isn't any pictures in the menu, but there are English translations.

Food at F.P.C. Seafood is generally very tasty, and prices per dish are cheap. The ingredients used are fresh, and portions are on the bigger side. We shared a total of 10 dishes between 15 people, total cost was less than SGD $200. Excellent value for money, and the meal was delicious! Will highly recommend F.P.C. Seafood, especially if you're in the area!


Small, and hidden in the heartlands, you can only spot this place if you happen to walk by.

F.P.C. Seafood Interior

F.P.C. Seafood Opening Hours, Thu - Tue 11am - 9.30pm, Closed Wed

The Baby Bok Choy In Oyster Sauce was fresh and crisp, very well cooked and tasty! Rarely get this kind of quality in a simple vegetable dish!

Baby Bok Choy In Oyster Sauce

Loved the unique spin of Oatmeal Chicken, the chicken was fried well, warm and moist inside, slightly crisp outside. The oatmeal gave a some crunch, while the chili gave it some heat. Excellent!

Oatmeal Chicken

Oatmeal Chicken Again

The Vermicelli Soup tastes exactly like sharks fin soup, but without any seafood of any kind. Instead, egg, mushrooms and vermicelli make this thick yet savoury soup hearty and filling. Very tasty and yummy!

Vermicelli Soup

Vermicelli Soup Again

The Pork Rib King was meaty and moist, evenly coated with sauce. The sauce itself is just the right balance of sweet and savoury, without overpowering the natural taste of the meat.

Pork Rib King

The Ma Po Tofu was the weakest dish I tried here, just decent at best. It wasn't as spicy as it could have been, and while the tofu was fresh, the accompanying sauce was weak.

Ma Po Tofu

The Cai Xin In Oyster Sauce was extremely fresh and tasty. Even the stalks of this Chinese Kale dish were firm and crunchy, showing signs of excellent skill with the wok.

Cai Xin In Oyster Sauce

While I felt that the Fu Yong Omelette was slightly oily, the egg was fluffy and the vegetables within were fresh. Simple dish but executed well, perfect with a bit of chili!

Fu Yong Omelette

The Ginger And Onion Beef is among the most tender beef meat I've ever had, with just a slight satisfying chew that releases the moist juice within. Fragrant and savoury, very good.

Ginger And Onion Beef

The Special Yam Ring, so called, because I think it looks more like a pancake, is topped with a liberal amount of fresh vegetables like celery, red and green bell peppers / capsicum, mushrooms, onions and a few slices of chicken. The yam itself is excellent, savoury and soft inside, and slightly crisp outside. Highly recommended!

Special Yam Ring