277A Holland Avenue

Grand Dame Of Excellent British English Cuisine

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $30 per person.


It's a testament to the fantastic quality of Fosters that they've survived in the constantly evolving and highly competitive food and beverage environment of Singapore for nearly 3 decades. Fosters Restaurant, also known as Fosters Steakhouse Restaurant or Fosters English Rose Cafe, has not only kept up with the times, but may still have a thing or two to school their competitors in the British English cuisine arena.

Ambience at Fosters is like a step back into merry olde England. Styled in the tradition of great British English pubs, with dark wooden furniture, cozy layout, and mood lighting, Fosters also has ye olde suit of knight's armour fronting their interior. The outdoor alfresco dining area has lush greenery and a mini fountain providing atmosphere. Perfect for relaxing, and slow conversations over hot meals.

Service at Fosters is excellent... if you're served by the senior staff. They are knowledgable, professional, and friendly, able to offer sound advice on menu items, and treat diners as old friends. On the flip side, the younger staff aren't much for conversation, and I had a rather unpleasant experience with an incredulous and awkward reply from one of them. Generally though, service at Fosters Restaurant / Fosters Steakhouse Restaurant / Fosters English Rose Cafe befits service at high-end fine dining establishments, albeit without the premium price tag.

Prices at Fosters are rather wallet friendly, ranging from SGD $15 - $50 per dish. Specialising in traditional British English pub grub, Fosters is also a pretty good steakhouse, offering a variety of quality cuts of beef. Dishes are rustic with generous portions, high quality and very tasty, though their belief in scratch preparation means you'll have to wait awhile for your order to be ready. Dining at Fosters is like savouring fine wine, make sure you're not in a hurry.


Complimentary Bread & Butter helps to allevite hunger pangs while you wait for your order to be prepared, most dishes are served in about 10 - 20 minutes.

Bread & Butter

There is a good range of beer and wines on the menu. Prices are quite competitive for this area, such as this Beer Hoegaarden which costs SGD $12.

Beer Hoegaarden

Beer Corona

The classic British English Pork Sausages / Bangers And Mash, SGD $18 for 2 perfectly grilled, meaty yet juicy pork sausages. Served on a bed of smooth mashed potatoes, savoury brown onion gravy, and baked beans. Slight spin with the addition of crispy strips of smoky bacon, anything goes well with bacon! Prepared in about 10 minutes, and utterly declicious.

Pork Sausages / Bangers And Mash 01

Pork Sausages / Bangers And Mash 02

Pork Sausages / Bangers And Mash 03

The Herb Roasted Half Chicken is easily among the best roast chicken I've ever had. The meat is well cooked, still moist inside, and pulls away from the bone easily, while the skin is crisp and savoury. Fragrant with the scent of fresh herbs, the dish is complemented with boiled carrots and string beans in a savoury brown gravy, and thick cut English chips. Staff will warn you that this order takes twice as long to prepare, and I waited about 30 minutes for this. Good things come to those who wait!

Herb Roasted Half Chicken 01

Herb Roasted Half Chicken 02

Herb Roasted Half Chicken 03

The Beef Fillet Fantastique (SGD $42) is rightly named. A tender, juicy, thick cut of prime beef middle cut steak, done to your liking, on a bed of crisp fried onions and topped with fresh field button mushrooms. Served with a side of baked potato in a jacket, fresh vegetables of the day like broccoli, carrots, asparagus and a grilled tomato. The meat is perfectly seasoned, and good enough even without any sauce. This signature dish is truly fantastic!

Beef Fillet Fantastique 01

Beef Fillet Fantastique 02

Beef Fillet Fantastique 03

Absolutely loved the perfectly seared, yet still juicy Seared Yorkshire Pork Rack. Excellent doneness, even despite the thickness of the cut. Paired well with sweet apple compote, fresh carrots and string beans, and smooth mashed potato in a savoury brown onion sauce.

Seared Yorkshire Pork Rack 01

Seared Yorkshire Pork Rack 02

Seared Yorkshire Pork Rack 03

The Fish And Chips was the most disappointing dish for me here. Portion size looked more like an appetizer or bar snack, rather than a main course. And while I loved the freshness of the Cod fish, the herbed batter was greasy and limp, and inconsistent in its thickness. Furthermore, they don't use thick cut English chips, but potato wedges, which isn't traditional. Skip this, and go for the beef, pork or chicken instead.

Fish And Chips 01

Fish And Chips 02

Fish And Chips 03

Loved the balanced seasoning of the Cottage Pie, with just the right amount of savoury and salty without leaving you feeling thirsty. Generous portion of minced beef and onions, thick and tightly packed beneath a layer of fluffy mashed potato. Very good.

Cottage Pie 01

Cottage Pie 02

Cottage Pie 03

Cottage Pie 04