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Decent Pastries And Desserts At Reasonable Prices

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $10 per person.


Swissbake is a bakery that produces traditional European breads and pastries. But Swissbake also has a line of cafes that offer tasty, value for money meals, inspired by the cuisines of Switzerland and Germany.

Ambience at the Swissbake cafes feature a modern, minimalist decor. The setting is relaxed, with magazines and newspapers for browsing, although there isn't much space between tables, so you might pick up on your neighbours conversations.

Service at Swissbake is polite, quick and efficient. Orders are taken and fulfilled quickly, just as tables are also cleared promptly. The only issue I have is that the knives provided by Swissbake aren't sharp enough to cut / saw through meat, and are better used for tearing the meat apart instead. It is more inconvienent if you're eating sausages or meatloaf.

Being an artisinal bakery, the baked goods and desserts at Swissbake are of a better quality. Generally, the food at Swissbake is quite decent, and value for money, with most main dishes costing around SGD $10 each. Tea break sets cost around SGD $7 each. The menu is somewhat limited though.

Overall, Swissbake is among one of the better choices for baked goods, as well as Swiss Rosti and German Sauerkraut.


Though a little thin in consistency, the Beef Goulash has a good amount of beef and vegetables, and is quite tasty. The Mushroom Soup was thick and hearty, though it only had very tiny pieces of mushrooms.

Beef Goulash

Mushroom Soup

A large slice of Bread & Butter Pudding, served with a small scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and topped with Strawberry Sauce. This dessert is warm, sweet, soft and moist... Among one of the better ones I've had!

Bread & Butter Pudding With Vanilla Ice Cream And Strawberry Sauce 01

Bread & Butter Pudding With Vanilla Ice Cream And Strawberry Sauce 02

The Rosti With Bockwurst is served with a thick meaty sausage, and the rosti has melted swiss cheese covering it. The sausage casing is somewhat thick, and the knives at Swissbake are slightly inadequate for cutting straight through. But it's well cooked, with a satisfying snap. The rosti is well cooked, with a slightly crisp exterior, but still soft inside.

Rosti With Bockwurst 01

Rosti With Bockwurst 02

The Smoked Kassler With Sauerkraut, Potato Salad And Bread is a German dish. Kassler is a type of German smoked ham, and this dish featured 3 meaty slices of Kassler. The Sauerkraut was nicely done, though hidden under the meat. I liked the Potato Salad as well, but this with the combination of Bread And Butter got a little too starch heavy.

Smoked Kassler With Sauerkraut, Potato Salad And Bread 01

Smoked Kassler With Sauerkraut, Potato Salad And Bread 02

The regular sized pies are quite decent, and have a good amount of filling. I liked that the ratio of meat, vegetables and starch is just right, without much 'filler'. Swissbake also offers mini versions of their pies.

Chicken Pie 01

Chicken Pie 02

Beef Pie 01

Beef Pie 02

Chicken Ham And Egg Pie 01

Chicken Ham And Egg Pie 02

The Chicken Ham And Spinach Quiche is available in regular size or mini size. I generally find the regular size to be better, because there is more filling within.

Chicken Ham And Spinach Quiche

The Pineapple Bar has a nice crisp and flaky pastry shell, and sweet pineapple chunks within. I only wish it could be more tightly packed, as it has quite a lot of empty air, although the pastry is nicely coated inside with pineapple sauce.

Pineapple Bar 01

Pineapple Bar 02

I love the taste of the Chocolate Danish Stick! It's crispy and flaky, and the chocolate is rich and sweet!

Chocolate Danish Stick

The Parisian Butter Croissant is good, but not the best I've had. While crispy and flaky outside, the inside isn't as soft and fluffy as it could be, and it doesn't have a rich buttery taste.

Parisian Butter Croissant

The Hot Cross Bun is best consumed when hot, or it loses meaning. =) I like that it's studded with raisins, which gives it a nice burst of flavour, but the bun itself is just average.

Hot Cross Bun

The Swiss Easter Rice Tart is an Easter seasonal recipe from Switzerland. Sweet and tasty, it's made with a filling of long grain rice, milk, sugar, eggs, raisins and butter.

Swiss Easter Rice Tart

The Swiss Apple Tart is prepared akin to a typical Apple Tart, with apple slices laid out in rows, then baked till caramalised. Lovely, and the crust was nicely buttery and flaky too.

Swiss Apple Tart

The Ham And Egg Sandwich is quite a large portion, although the ratio of bread is a little too much. But the ingredients are fresh and tasty. The Turkey Ham And Cheese Sandwich was nice, and very filling, though the amount of cheese made it more salty. The Beef Pastrami Sandwich had nicely flavoured, beef slices, though it wasn't exactly pastrami quality.

Ham And Egg Sandwich

Turkey Ham And Cheese Sandwich Kraftkorn

Beef Pastrami Sandwich

Tuna And Egg Sandwich Kraftkorn

From 2pm till 6pm, Swissbake offers a Tea Break Set, which comes with your choice of any coffee or tea on the menu.

Swiss Coffee Kreme

Vienna Coffee


Assorted Pastries - Swiss Easter Rice Tart, Chocolate Danish Stick, Hot Cross Bun, Parisian Butter Croissant