What We Do With Our Circumstances

What We Do With Our Circumstances

The myth of success still permeates our society today. 

As Scott Thomas writes, "Success, or the lack of success, is a false indicator of God's love for me (Job 10:12-13)..... If your performance is saving you, then you are, in fact denying the gospel." 

Our works, our performance do not save us. To some, God gives wealth and success. To some , God gives poverty and hardship. 

The test, so to speak, isn't about what we have, but what we DO with our circumstances. Will we take our lots in life and live for God? (Living Life Journal 19.10.12)..... A sobering truth, a conquering spirit, a character formation.

- Via Pastor Eugene Seow @ http://www.facebook.com/eugene.seow1/posts/10151193518839070