Sakon Thai

Sakon Thai
77 Jalan Wangi

152 Serangoon North Avenue 1 #01-304

Decent Thai Food In The Heartlands

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 5
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 5
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $18 per person.


Located within the quiet heartlands, Sakon Thai has been pulling in the crowds with its tasty Thai food and reasonably low priced dishes. Expect to queue between 10 - 15 minutes when visiting Sakon Thai during meal times!

Decor within Sakon Thai is overtly Thai inspired. From paintings to sculptures, tapestry to signage, everything here reminds you that you're dining in a Thai restaurant, right down to the tissue holders. Sakon Thai has pretty comfortable and large furniture, though the layout of the place is rather cramped. Opt to sit outside where it's cooler. I also dislike the harsh orange lighting of the place.

Service at Sakon Thai is average. Staff aren't very friendly, and some don't understand English. Utensils seem to be poorly washed, which was noted on repeated visits. You're advised to use the tissue provided to wipe the utensils down first. Staff also sometimes spill a little gravy / soup when placing dishes on the table. But food does come relatively quickly even during peak periods.

Food at Sakon Thai is authentic Thai, though some dishes stand out above the rest. Quality is not consistent through the menu, and dishes that are more popular tend to be slightly more tasty and well prepared, as compared to other dishes which may not be ordered so often. Ingredients used are fresh, especially the vegetables and seafood, which is a plus point.

Prices of food at Sakon Thai is quite cheap, and an overall meal may only cost less than SGD $20 per person. Visit Sakon Thai for the food, and close an eye to the service and gaudy ambience.


The Lemongrass Tea is bland and weak, and while the aroma is distinct, the taste is rather muted.

Lemongrass Tea

One of the stars on the menu, the Pandan Chicken is fragrant, juicy, succulent, meaty and so good... I found myself wishing for more!

Pandan Chicken 01

Pandan Chicken 02

Pot / Pots are kept warm on top of a little burner, which runs out pretty fast.


One of the weakest Tom Kar Gai I've ever tasted. The gravy is too thin, the meat and mushrooms too bland. Fragrant, but not much beyond that. Skip this.

Tom Kar Gai

They offer 2 versions of Tom Yum, the clear version, and the red version. Both are fragrant, and quite spicy. Ingredients used are fresh, and there is a generous portion. Pretty good, but not great.

Tom Yum

The Minced Basil Pork was savoury, but a little too salty after awhile. Also more oily than I prefer. But the helping as generous, and it goes great with rice.

Minced Basil Pork

I loved the Thai Style Sea Bass Fish / Pla Neung Manao. Fresh and meaty fish, slight fragrance from the herbs, incredibly tasty sauce. Excellent!

Thai Style Sea Bass Fish 01

Thai Style Sea Bass Fish 02