Bonchon Chicken 2014

Bonchon Chicken 2014
201 Victoria Street
#01-11 Bugis+

1 Sengkang Square
#01-14 Compass One

1 Northpoint Drive
#B1-180 Northpoint City

53 Boat Quay

More Squark Than Sizzle

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 6
Service: 7
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $18 per person.


A South Korean fried chicken franchise that represents 'home', Bonchon Chicken is an international brand popular for, what else? It's finger licking, twice deep fried chicken that is coated in a special sauce that sticks to the meat, not to your fingers. This makes Bonchon Chicken unique, offering the least messy Korean fried chicken anywhere.

The open concept ambience at Bonchon Chicken makes the restaurant feel casual and airy, enhanced by natural lighting. Design is functional modern, with a tinge of industrial vibe of steel and wood. Decor uses a form of typography, highlighting characteristics of the food at Bonchon Chicken, including their famous fried chicken.

Service at Bonchon Chicken is casual, efficient, and orderly. Food practically flies out the kitchen, arriving very quickly at your table. Staff aren't much for conversation, but I like that they can advice on the menu items. Passable, but not memorable service.

Their famous fried chicken is offered in either wings (plus drumlets), or drumsticks. They also have an option for a combo of both. Personally, I find the wings to be slightly better than the drumsticks, as the bigger piece of meat on the drumsticks is sometimes inconsistent. Otherwise, their fried chicken has a nicely crisp, savoury skin, and the meat within is bordering on moist and dry.

Besides the fried chicken, Bonchon Chicken also does serve several traditional Korean mains and appetizers. I find the soups to be quite good! Oddly, Bonchon Chicken also offers several Japanese appetizers on their menu. Portions at Bonchon Chicken are suitable for small eaters, and pricing is among the most affordable for this type of Korean cuisine.


I find the drinks here to be slightly pricey, don't order these unless you must.

Bonchon Chicken Interior

Root Beer Float

Green Tea

Of the 2 available sauces, I personally prefer the Soy Garlic Wings And Drum, with its tangy, salty taste and slight fragrant aroma from the garlic.

Soy Garlic Wings And Drum

Soy Garlic Wings And Drum

The Hot Wings And Drum has a rather muted flavour, and the spicy burn only starts to build towards the end. Recommended only for those who prefer non-spicy food, those looking for a hot kick will be disappointed.

Hot Wings And Drum

Hot Wings And Drum

A selection of sides to accompany the fried chicken. I personally prefer the slightly healthier Pickled Daikon Radish, for its sour, tangy, crunch, as compared to plain Korean Rice. The Fries are also pretty good, but aren't available as a regular side order on the menu.

Kkakdugi / Cubed Pickled Daikon Radish



Loved the Kimchi Mandu Soup, which is a soup of kimchi, chicken, and shrimp dumplings. The soup is flavourful and hearty, great for cold days, and is somewhat filling as well. The letdown was the shrimp dumplings, containing tiny pieces of shrimp, and not the fresh shrimp either, but the frozen variety.

Kimchi Mandu Soup

Kimchi Mandu Soup