Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken Tasting Session

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken Tasting Session
1 Jurong West Central 2
#03-39 Jurong Point 2 - Feast Foodcourt

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

This was an invited media review. I did not pay for the meal during the free hosted tasting session, but I did pay the standard price during subsequent visits.
Attended with representatives from HungryGoWhere.

Novel Edible Chicken Bones From Bali

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 9
Budget about SGD $12 ++ per person.


Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is a Halal restaurant that was first established in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, in 2000. The unique item at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken, as suggested by its name, is their chicken which is pressure cooked till the bones become soft and edible. This secret recipe of marinade and cooking time results in a tender, flavourful chicken, flying in the face of what you know about chicken bones!

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken was established in Singapore in 2012, directly operated by the original owner, and has since made a name for itself in the Boon Lay / Jurong area. Ambience at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is minimal and functional. The rather small, cramped layout within the food court is sectioned off from the rest of the stalls, and has sufficient space to seat about 60 diners, but the colours are rather drab and the lighting is dim.

Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken Signage

Service at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken is very good. Staff are friendly and enthusiastic, able to make recommendations on the menu. They're also able to give some background on each item, especially how it fits into Indonesian / Balinese cuisine. Orders are fulfilled rather quickly, as is table clearing. Overall, very impressive service!

Food at Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken revolves around signature Indonesian and Balinese dishes. The menu is small and focused, with highlights being their signature soft bone chicken. In general, I find their food to be tasty, and prices are very affordable, costing an average of SGD 12 or so per person. Portion sizes are suitable for one, though big eaters may wish to get several dishes for sharing. Communal dining is encouraged here!

The Honey Sesame Soft Bone Chicken With Yellow Rice (SGD $9.90) features a tender, moist piece of chicken that has a tangy and sweet marinade of honey and the crunch of sesame seeds. The balance is just right, not overly sweet, and the entire piece of chicken can be consumed, even the bones! The yellow rice is fragrant and warm, and this add-on is worth it for an additional SGD $1 in price!

Honey Sesame Soft Bone Chicken With Yellow Rice (SGD $9.90)

Honey Sesame Soft Bone Chicken With Yellow Rice

If you've ever eaten salted egg crab, you'll get a good idea how the Soft Bone Chicken With Salted Egg Sauce (SGD $8.90) tastes like. The salted egg sauce is incredibly yummy and generous, and I like that it coats the chicken without making it soggy. The meat is tender and moist, and the texture of eating the bones really reminds me of a soft shell crab.

Soft Bone Chicken With Salted Egg Sauce (SGD $8.90)

Soft Bone Chicken With Salted Egg Sauce

I felt the Grilled Chicken Wings (SGD $4.20), while having a nice, savoury taste and a perfect grilled texture, lacked meat. Great for a snack, or for light eaters, but not very satisfactory as a dish. Perhaps it might be better if they gave an additional piece of chicken wing. The Edible Soft Chicken Bones breaks conventions, looking at it, you don't think it's edible, but chew on it and you'll find it gives way easily, without even the slightest crunch. Supposedly, eating chicken bones provides your body with calcium!

Grilled Chicken Wings (SGD $4.20)

Edible Soft Chicken Bones

Cone Of White Rice

The Tahu Telur (SGD $6.50) is done in typical Indonesian style, flat with a crisp outer layer and a soft interior. I like that the mound of vegetables adds some crunch to the texture, but I noticed the kecap manis sauce is slightly more sweet than the authentic versions in Indonesia. Still, it's a very good side dish.

Tahu Telur (SGD $6.50)

Tahu Telur

I loved the Fried Sambal Petai (SGD $4.90), the chili here is quite shiok! A nice portion of petai / bitter bean / stink bean is stir fried with ikan bilis / anchovies and sambal chili, resulting a a fragrant, aromatic, spicy dish. Best paired with rice! The Prawn Sambal Petai (SGD $11.90) on the other hand, has more prawns than petai, and is more a seafood dish. The prawns are small, but fresh and juicy.

Fried Sambal Petai (SGD $4.90)

Prawn Sambal Petai (SGD $11.90)

Tried the Soft Shell Crab With Salted Egg Sauce and it just boggles the mind how similar in texture this is to the soft bone chicken. This was executed well, though I've had better elsewhere. But not many Halal establishments serve this, so it stands out!

Soft Shell Crab With Salted Egg Sauce

A decent Iced Honey Lemon (SGD $3.50), with a nice balance of honey, water and lemon juice. Can't complain, but quite refreshing to cut through some of the oil and spice of the dishes.

Iced Honey Lemon (SGD $3.50)

The Es Campur (SGD $4.80) is a popular Indonesian shaved ice dessert, that is garnished with grass jelly, shaved coconut, syrup, condensed milk, and a variety of tropical native fruits. Es Campur is a filling dessert, and the version here doesn't disappoint!

Es Campur (SGD $4.80)

Es Campur

Once past the novelty of edible chicken bones, I can see myself visiting Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken again, especially if I'm in the area and want to dine at a Halal establishment. Tasty Indonesian style comfort food, affordable pricing, and friendly service means Malioboro Soft Bone Chicken will see crowds for some time to come!