Two Blur Guys

Two Blur Guys
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#01-13 Orchid Hotel

64 Boat Quay

The Best (And Sexiest) Burgers In Town

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $35 per person.


They may call themselves blur, but the founders behind Two Blur Guys certainly aren't blur when it comes to their fantastic gourmet burgers. Founded in 2012 by Max Tung and Anthony Koh, Two Blur Guys serves mouthwatering, classic burgers with a specially designed wholemeal bun, all created by chef Jimmy Chok.

Ambience at Two Blur Guys is inspired by New York / American style casual diners. The small, cramped floor space of the original Tanjong Pagar outlet is in stark contrast to the large floor space of the Boat Quay outlet. Decked in black tones with low interior lighting, Two Blur Guys makes good use of natural lighting to brighten the place. I didn't like the fact that it's so open though, as the ambient temperature affects the experience greatly.

Service at Two Blur Guys is fantastic. Staff greet you upon entry, are friendly and polite, and actually remember you when you return! In particular, there is a Filipino staff at the Tanjong Pagar outlet who also doubles as the chef, and I must commend his skill with both grilling burgers, and service that is friendly and upbeat. Excellent!

Two Blur Guys specialises in gourmet American style burgers. In particular, they don't mess too much with the star, the meat patties, allowing the natural juicy tastes to shine. Also worth mentioning is their small selection of craft beers and pastries, which pair well with the burgers. Generally, I find portions at Two Blur Guys to be large for one person, and prices are upper mid-range for a casual cafe, budget about SGD $30 per person. All burgers are served in a set with potato salad and fresh garden salad.


Beer Vedett Extra White (SGD $13.90) has a surprisingly refreshing and light texture, with a crisp orange and lemon zest taste, hazy light yellow colour, aroma of wheat and spice, midly bitter and dry finish.

Beer Vedett Extra White 01

Beer Vedett Extra White 02

Beer La Chouffe (SGD $13.90) has a bright orange colour, aroma of malt and strawberry, light hoppy and dry taste with hint of biscuit and malt, balanced bitterness and sweetness, medium body yet easy to drink, very refreshing.

Beer La Chouffe 01

Beer La Chouffe 02

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew (SGD $15.90) is a refreshing, pale light golden beer that has a gentle sweetness, a mild bitterness, and a pleasant aroma of honey. With its zesty edge and being 100% organic, this is a great choice for hot days!

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 01

Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew 02

The Pulled Pork Burger (SGD $12.85) features strips of tender pulled pork, extremely soft, so tender, and very juicy! Paried with the wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, and a tangy sweet honey mustard sauce, each mouthful is a juicy, delightful burst of flavour. I've had people tell me they dream about this burger, and I daresay this is easily the best American style Pulled Pork Burger I've had in Singapore! Highly recommended!

Pulled Pork Burger 01

Pulled Pork Burger 02

Pulled Pork Burger 03

Pulled Pork Burger 04

The stalwart and hearty Prime Beef With Streaky Bacon Burger (SGD $17.95) features a thick, meaty, juicy, beef patty that is grilled to perfection. Cut or bite into it and watch the savoury juices trickle clear! This mountain of a burger is served with wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, and savoury and smoky rashers of bacon, garnished with tangy gherkins. And though it's not stated on the menu, the sauce used is a home made truffle infused mayonnaise, which lends a fragrant, earthy taste to the overall dish. Messy, but highly recommended!

Prime Beef With Streaky Bacon Burger 01

Prime Beef With Streaky Bacon Burger 02

Prime Beef With Streaky Bacon Burger 03

The Prime Beef With Portobello Burger (SGD $17.95) features the same high quality beef patty that is also grilled perfectly, alongside wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, gherkins, truffle mayonnaise, and a thick, meaty portobello mushroom. While the mushroom was meaty and moist, pairing well with the earthy truffle mayonnaise, it wasn't as juicy as it could have been, and in comparision with the other burgers offered here, this was only decent at best. Good effort, but get something else instead.

Prime Beef With Portobello Burger 01

Prime Beef With Portobello Burger 02

Prime Beef With Portobello Burger 03

The Grilled Chicken Burger (SGD $12.50) features nicely grilled, savoury pieces of chicken meat, stacked in a pile to form the burger. The chicken meat is marinated in a mixture of Asian spices, and served alongside wholemeal burger buns, tomato slice, gruyere cheese, and a home made curry mayonnaise. While the meat is moist and tender, pulling apart easily, the overall dish is rather salty, as both the chicken meat and curry mayonnaise are salted liberally. Sadly, the saltiness makes this great burger simply average.

Grilled Chicken Burger 01

Grilled Chicken Burger 02

Grilled Chicken Burger 03

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