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Orange Clove Catering
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(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 9 or 3
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $35 per person.


Operating under the umbrella of the Neo Group Limited, Orange Clove Catering is their mid-range to high end premium catering option. As a Halal certified caterer, Orange Clove Catering is known for their expansive international menu, ability to cater for a small group of 15 to large groups of 10,000, as well as their one chef one dish approach. Furthermore, they are able to provide a theme / ambience of your choice! As a premium caterer, they're not the cheapest option around, but selecting Orange Clove Catering is value for money for the quality you receive!

As a caterer, Orange Clove Catering doesn't have in store ambience. But unlike other caterers, Orange Clove Catering provides a wide range of themes for events, setting up the decor and atmosphere of your choice. They are able to provide themes for weddings, corporate seminars, sit down meals, cocktail receptions, birthdays, themed parties, baby showers, dinner & dance, product launches, and family carnivals. Orange Clove Catering even provides for yatch catering, and live stations!

Service from Orange Clove Catering staff is inconsistent. I had the most impressive service the 1st time, as staff were timely with delivey and clearing, efficient in setting up and tearing down. They were also friendly and professional, and we wrote in a compliment for them. The 2nd time however, we had terrible service, where an understaffed crew took over 1 hour to clear the logistics, kept forgetting items, and worse, broke the drink dispenser, causing it to leak all over their tables, leading us to write in a complaint.

Staff over at Orange Clove Catering headquarters make it easy to decide on the menu with their solid recommendations. Most impressive is their commitment to a one chef one dish approach, which means each chef specialises in only 1 main dish! Depending on your event, prices can vary from SGD $14 - $70 per person, usually with a minimum of 15 - 30 people.

Orange Clove Catering has a wide range of international cuisine on their menu, including Singaporean, American, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, British, Italian, French, Rotisserie, and more. I find quality of food to be rather consisent across events, though sometimes there is a noticeable drop in quality if you order out of season items. Generally, Orange Clove Catering food is very tasty, well prepared, and delicious, though somewhat oily. Ask staff for recommendations on dishes, you'll notice people tend to go for certain items on their menu!


I feel the they are one of the best mid-range to high end caterers around!

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For each event, there is usually a selection of items catered. A typical full day seminar package may have 18 or so dishes, costing about SGD $35 per person, while a one time meal drop off may have 8 or so dishes, costing about SGD $17 per person.

Selection Of Catered Items 01

Selection Of Catered Items 02

Selection Of Catered Items 03

Selection Of Catered Items 04

In particular, I like their Baked Nonya Chicken, and Yam Ring With Prawn! The Baked Nonya Chicken is meaty and moist, not dry, with the outer layer marinated in a mixture of spices. Very savoury, slightly spicy, totally delicious! The Baked Yam Ring With Prawn is rather interesting, being more like a tube than a ring in shape though. Texture is crisp outside, with a soft inside, full yam flavour, and a few bits of fresh prawns within.

Baked Nonya Chicken & Yam Ring With Prawn

Their Mini Cream Puffs are very good, among some of the best cream puffs I've eaten! The filling is light, not overly sweet, and the pastry is soft and light. Excellent!

Mini Cream Puffs

The Ice Jelly With Cocktail is pretty decent, with a slightly thicker, thus sweeter, syrup, as compared to the watered-down version you might get elsewhere. Can't go too wrong with this, as the fruit cocktail is the canned variety. But the jelly is firm, with the right amount of slippery texture, very good!

Ice Jelly With Cocktail

The interior of the Mini Blueberry Muffins is hollow, containing only 2 blueberries and blueberry sauce / jam. What makes it stand out for me is the vanilla infused muffin exterior, with its perfectly buttered, perfectly crumbled texture.

Mini Blueberry Muffins

Mini Blueberry Muffins Cross Section

I felt the Chicken Ngo Hiang was average, nothing too remarkable about it. But the Deep Fried Gyoza is among the best I've tried in Singapore, with its crisp fried skin, juicy and savoury meat filling that is packed with taste. Highly recommended!

Deep Fried Gyoza & Chicken Ngo Hiang 01

Deep Fried Gyoza & Chicken Ngo Hiang 02

The Crispy Spring Rolls weren't good, as they got soggy and less crisp the longer they were left out. But I loved the Crispy Mini Curry Puffs, these were very well made, with a good amount of filling that has a nice balance of savoury and spicy. Highly recommended as well!

Crispy Mini Curry Puffs & Crispy Spring Rolls