Stirling Bar & Grill Tasting Session

Stirling Bar & Grill Tasting Session
15 Cheong Chin Nam Road

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30pm - 2pm, 6pm - 12am

This was an invited media review. We paid a discounted rate for our meal here, but I did pay the standard price during subsequent visits.

Best Grills In The West

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 8
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 8
Value for Money: 8
Budget about SGD $34 ++ per person.


Stirling Bar & Grill opened its doors in May 2014, and within less than a year, has garnered rave reviews for its excellent grilled dishes, especially their Australian grain fed beef steaks. Owner Elwyn Chan, who also operates his own fund management company on the upper levels of this shophouse, tells us he's lucky to have Chef Collin Tan, a bona fide grill master, heading up the kitchen at Stirling Bar & Grill. Chef Collin, the former chief griller at Clarke Quay’s ‘The Steakhouse’, takes grilling seriously, investing much time and effort daily to setup his grill, and controls the fire at just the right temperature to produce plate after plate of perfectly grilled meats.

Stirling Bar & Grill Exterior

SGD $2 Sliders Promotion

I visited Stirling Bar & Grill after work with collegues A and B. Located towards one end of Cheong Chin Nam Road, you'll have to walk by several other tantalizing food options before you locate Stirling Bar & Grill. I like that there's both indoor and outdoor al-fresco dining, the outdoor seating is perfect for relaxing on a cool night, and Elwyn even engages local musicians to perform live throughout the year. Indoor seating is comfortable, but rather limited, and while the dim indoor lighting is perfect for a romantic date, it's tough on photography. I like the mixture of furniture and art pieces stewn around the dining area, it lends a certain modern cultural vibrancy to the room.

Al-Fresco Seating

Live Band Area

During our visit, all of the front of house staff at Stirling Bar & Grill were unfortunately, away on leave. That left Elwyn serving and managing the entire place by himself during dinner, which he performed admirably. But I'll probably have to come by again to get an accurate assessment of how the service at Stirling Bar & Grill is really like. I also learnt that they only use industrial grade charcoal here, which produces a more intense heat as compared to the regular charcoal you get at supermarkets.

Stirling Bar & Grill Interior

Bar Counter

The menu at Stirling Bar & Grill is unashamedly Western style, heavily influenced by the American Chicago steakhouses. The grilled items are the star here, whether meat or vegetable. Chef Collin's skill on the grill is evident in the taste; his meats and poultry have a smoky grilled aroma, without burns or charring, while still retaining a good amount of moisture and juices. Portions are decently sized for 1 person, and we all agreed prices here are very reasonable and affordable for the quality of food. Budget about SGD $34 per person for a meal at Stirling Bar & Grill.

However, 2 weak points of the food stood out for us. Firstly, Chef Collin, being a grill master, can sometimes be rather heavy handed on the sauce, serving a tad too much on the plate. Secondly, plating and presentation could be improved, because most dishes arrive looking messy, not as elegant as they could look.

Most Comfy Sofa Ever

I understand the Stirling Slider (SGD $2) is being sold at near cost price, and not surprisingly, is the most popular item on the menu. I would totally come in and order 2 for $4 as a snack, or perhaps 5 for $10 as a full meal! And can you imagine sharing 10 Stirling Sliders for $20? So insane, it can't get more affordable than this!

Quality of the Stirling Slider is definitely high as well, with just one bite, you'll know you're getting more than your money's worth. The bun is crisp and buttery, the tomato juicy. The beef patty is thick, well formed enough to hold together tightly, incredible tasty, and so tender and juicy inside. Highly recommended!

Stirling Slider (SGD $2)

Stirling Slider

The Italian inspired Grilled Watermelon With Parma Ham & Rocket Salad (SGD $12) makes for an interesting mouthful. The juicy sweetness of the watermelon, paired with the salty savouriness of the parma ham, together with the rocket leaves and olives, is an unusual combination of flavours. Definitely a novel idea for a salad, although it may not suit everyone's palate, it's worth a try.

Grilled Watermelon With Parma Ham & Rocket Salad (SGD $12)

Grilled Watermelon With Parma Ham & Rocket Salad

My colleague A had high expectations for the Délicieux Duck Breast (SGD $25), and it didn't disappoint! Tender, smoky pieces of savoury pan seared duck breast, served in a thick, creamy truffle mushroom sauce, with a nice earthy aroma. The pencil asparagus was well grilled with a slight crunch, and the oven roasted baby potatoes were gorgeous, slightly crisp outside, hot and soft inside. I did think the sauce was too thick though.

Délicieux Duck Breast (SGD $25)

Délicieux Duck Breast

My colleague B loved the Crispy King Salmon (SGD $23), featuring a thick portion of king salmon fish, pan seared till the skin was extremely crisp! The creamy dill and leek sauce was delicious, albeit thick, pairing well with the soft, tender salmon, and smooth fork crushed mashed potatoes. During our visit, the skin was overseasoned, but the kitchen assures me it will be toned down in future.

Crispy King Salmon (SGD $23)

Crispy King Salmon

Only available during dinner, due to the lengthy time of setting up the charcoal grill, the Signature Beef Ribeye Steak (SGD $29) features a grain fed Australian beef ribeye steak, prepared American Chicago style. Slowly charcoal grilled till just under medium rare, then quickly seared with intense heat to finish, the meat is perfectly pink in the middle, bearing sexy grill markings, without any burnt taste.

Topped with a fragrant herb avocado butter and brown beef au jus / gravy, the steak is tender, yet juicy, and incredibly flavourful. The sauteed mixed vegetables were a surprise as well, soft and tender, fragrant and tasty from being cooked in garlic, but not overpowering. The truffle fries on the side had a crisp exterior, but a soft interior, with good potato taste that isn't overpowered by the light seasoning. Very value for money, highly recommended!

Signature Beef Ribeye Steak (SGD $29)

Signature Beef Ribeye Steak

Signature Beef Ribeye Steak

The Dessert Of The Day (SGD $5) is always a surprise. During our visit, we were fortunate that Elwyn's mom had baked her version of a Japanese cheesecake! Served with a sweet and tart mixed berry sauce, the Dessert Of The Day - Mom's Cheesecake (SGD $5) was airy, but slightly more dense and creamy than the typical lightness of other Japanese cheesecakes.

Dessert Of The Day - Mom's Cheesecake (SGD $5)

Dessert Of The Day - Mom's Cheesecake

Overall, Stirling Bar & Grill produces great tasting food, elevating average ingredients to premium levels. With a relaxing, laid back atmosphere and value for money prices, Stirling Bar & Grill looks set to continue drawing in diners from the West of Singapore. I only wish they would have better quality, premium ingredients to work with, showcasing their ability to compete with the best American steakhouses in town!