Men's Tradition Tailoring

Men's Tradition Tailoring
3 Coleman Street
#03-27 Peninsula Shopping Complex

11am - 7pm Mon - Sat,
Closed Sun

Experienced, Dependable Men's Tailor

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Estimated Visiting Duration: 10 - 40 Minutes
Estimated Tailoring Duration: 7 - 25 Days
Service: 8
Value for Money: 9
Spent about SGD $300 per person.

Order Reference Number '8181', Order Placed On 26-May-2015, Estimated Collection Date 08-Jun-2015, Actual Collection Date 04-Jun-2015, Total 9 Days.

Order Reference Number '16576', Order Placed On 10-Mar-2017, Estimated Collection Date 24-Mar-2017.


For more than a decade, Men's Tradition Tailoring in Peninsula Shopping Complex has been providing reliable tailoring services for young executive gentlemen. Their combination of quick yet effective service, friendly charm, and affordable pricing, result in Men's Tradition Tailoring being often recommended as a starting men's tailor for working professionals.

Headlining Men's Tradition Tailoring is the friendly service provided by owner, Daniel Goh. With solid years of experience, he's able to quickly size you up, and make dependable recommendations. A visit here typically takes less than 30 minutes, even including taking of measurements and selection of fabrics. The quick and efficient service is somewhat tempered by Daniel Goh's fierce pride in his tailoring experience, if you go against his recommendations, he typically will be unhappy, and may use salesmanship to convince you otherwise. Generally, I find his recommendations to be good and dependable, but when you need to go against them, put your foot down and insist on it, and he'll go along with your choice.

Besides Daniel Goh, the other staff helping out here are rather friendly and charming, able to engage you in conversation, and make pretty good recommendations as well. Designs styles at Men's Tradition Tailoring are usually timeless classics that are sharp, simple, safe, and straight forward, great basic working professional starting attire. While Men's Tradition Tailoring can accomodate requests for current clothing trends, they usually don't start off recommending fashion forward or eye-catching modern styles and designs.

Prices at Men's Tradition Tailoring are rather affordable and wallet friendly. A single shirt or pants will cost about SGD $70 - $100, depending on fabric type and customisation, while a suit would go for about SGD $200 - $450. Delivery typically takes about 2 weeks or so. Overall, I've had more pleasant experiences with Men's Tradition Tailoring than unpleasant ones, and they're usually a dependable tailor for a basic outfit.


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