MrQ Snacks

MrQ Snacks
4 New Bugis Street

72 Palawan Beach Walk

Modern Singaporean Street Food Snacks

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 2
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $4 per person.


Founded in 2012 after the founder was inspired by the night markets of Taiwan, MrQ Snacks is a small takeaway kiosk, offering classic and modern Singaporean street snacks.

As MrQ Snacks is mainly a takeaway kiosk, there isn't much ambience to speak of. However, their menu is bright and legible, and rather attractive. Plus the sight of them frying up street food sure is attractive!

The Singaporean staff at MrQ Snacks are friendly, but rather brusque, and don't engage in much conversation, especially if they're busy. Order fulfillment is rather quick, and I like that staff pack the items nicely so it's not messy.

The menu at MrQ Snacks is small but varied enough for street food, and all their items can be eaten on the go. The majority are stick food, items like chicken or seafood, and their food is Halal certified. Portions are nicely sized, and prices are comparable to other street food, budget about SGD $4 per person.


While they do have a permanent location, MrQ Snacks mostly operates as a pop-up stall at various events or bazaars.

MrQ Snacks Signage

MrQ Snacks Menu

MrQ Snacks Pop-Up Stall

The Corn Puppies (SGD $3) are chicken sausages, cut into bite sized pieces, coated with a thin flour batter, and deep fried. Best eaten piping hot, I like that the sausages aren't dry, and the batter is thin with a slight chew. Decent, but rather oily.

Corn Puppies 01

Corn Puppies 02

Corn Puppies 03

Loved the Lemongrass Chicken Original (SGD $4), which features chunks of boneless chicken, with a light crumb batter. The chicken remains tender and juicy, with a slight fragrance from the batter. Lovely enough on its own, it's served with an absolutely floral aromatic, and tasty, lemongrass sauce, which I thought was so addictive! Also served with a nacho cheese sauce, which was kind of meh. Otherwise, I highly recommend this!

Lemongrass Chicken Original 01

Lemongrass Chicken Original 02

The unique Fried Oreo Cookies (SGD $3) are a novel idea, but I personally found it to be somewhat average. The batter is thin and crisp, holding well to the cookie, and the deep taste of chocolate and texture of the cream comes across well. But the overall lack of moisture means this snack is also rather dry. Choose to get it with chocolate sauce drizzled over for more flavour.

Fried Oreo Cookies 01

Fried Oreo Cookies 02

The Calamari Rings (SGD $4.50) here very good. The squid rings are fresh, large, and meaty with a good bite, and the light flour batter holds well to the squid. It's served with a tartar sauce, but I like it on its own! Good, worth ordering!

Calamari Rings 01

Calamari Rings 02

The MrQ Burger (SGD $3) was the weakest item I tried. The burger buns are thick, not grilled or buttered. The chicken piece is rather small, albeit tasty, but the burger is overall very messy to consume. Didn't like this.

MrQ Burger 01

MrQ Burger 02