Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 Preview

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 Preview

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As part of Singapore's Golden Jubilee / SG50 celebration, the Singapore Favourite Food Village returns for its 6th year! Scheduled to be held at Clarke Quay Read Bridge, from 24 July to 2 August, the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 promises to showcase a variety of mouth-watering local delights, and accord recognition to our local culinary heroes, all under-one-roof.

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 Logo, Source Credits

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 A Wok Down Memory Lane Ellenborough Market, Source Credits

Organised in conjunction with the 22nd edition of the Singapore Food Festival, the theme for the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 is 'A Wok Down Memory Lane', paying homage to the former Ellenborough Market hawker centre, during its heydays of the late 1800s. The old Ellenborough Market catered to the largely Chinese Teochew population who lived along the Singapore River, hence its nickname of 'Teochew Market'.

Ellenborough Market, Source Credits

At the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015, guests can look forward to a host of traditional culinary delights, and classic Teochew entertainment. They include traditional Teochew opera troupes Tok Tok Chiang and Nam Hwa Teochew Opera Troupe, which will perform on weekends. In particular, Tok Tok Chiang Opera Troupe Performers are known to include magic tricks as part of their performance! Of course, you can also look forward to the yummy classic Teochew dishes!

Tok Tok Chiang Opera Troupe Performers, Source Credits

In the early days of Singapore, Chinese coolies working along the Singapore River engaged in hard, physical labour, carrying goods to and from the warehouses by the wharve. They needed a nourising meal to replenish lost energy, and as a result, the Teochew variant of Bak Kut Teh (White) was created. The rich, complex, peppery, herb and spices broth of this meaty pork bone soup helped the coolies supplement their meagre diet, and act as a health tonic. For this event, Xiao Chen Gu Shi will be showcasing their classic Bak Kut Teh (White)!

Bak Kut Teh By Xiao Chen Gu Shi, Source Credits

Also known as Chye Tow Kueh, the Teochew dish of Carrot Cake (White) originated in the Chaoshan region of China, the homeland of the Teochews. This crisp, pan-fried delight of Carrot Cake (White) will be re-invented by Everything Foods for this event, which includes a salted egg flavour, a barbecue sauce flavour, a sour cream and onion flavour, a tom yum flavour, and a hot & spicy flavour!

Carrot Cake By Everything Foods, Source Credits

The thick, sweet Yam Taro Paste Orh Nee is a traditional dessert well liked by many Teochews.

Yam Taro Paste Orh Nee, Source Credits

Chef Jason of Swissotel Merchant Court will be presenting the Cold Crab Teochew Style, staying true to the original recipe of steaming fresh crabs at a high temperature with a splash of Chinese wine, then chilling the crabs before serving.

Cold Crab Teochew Style By Swissotel Merchant Court, Source Credits

The Teochew Braised Duck features a light, savoury sauce, a stark contrast to the Hokkien Braised Duck, which has a thick, sweet gravy. Traditional Teochew hawkers also slice their duck thinly, to ensure that the meat remains moist and tender.

Braised Duck By Mr Duck, Source Credits

The Teochew consider the Rabbit Fish Pek Thor He as highly auspicious, as it symbolises good luck and prosperity. Because this fish breeds only once a year during the January to February period, the timing coincides with the Chinese New Year period, thus, the roe-heavy silver-grey female fish is a delicacy.

Rabbit Fish Pek Thor He, Source Credits

Award-winning celebrity chef Eric Low will showcase how to prepare the Teochew Opera Porridge, a common supper dish sold by street hawkers during the heydays of Teochew street opera. The hawkers would travel with the opera troupes around the island, and business was brisk. This porridge made an ideal supper treat as performances ended rather late!

Teochew Opera Porridge, Source Credits

A big thank you to all the sponsers, without whom, the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 would not be possible! And special thanks as well to all those from the Singapore Food & Beverage Alliance (SFBA) who are putting in time and effort to organise this!

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 Lucky Dip, Source Credits

Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015 Sponsors, Source Credits

I will definitely be paying a visit to the Singapore Favourite Food Village 2015! Do check it out as well, at Clarke Quay Read Bridge, from 24 July to 2 August!