Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant
405 Havelock Road
Level 3 Furama Riverfront Singapore

Heritage Indonesian Restaurant Still Going Strong

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 7
Value for Money: 6
Spent about SGD $50 per person.


Established in 1985, over 30 years ago (!), Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is among the oldest restaurants in Singapore. Located in the equally aging Furama Riverfront Singapore Hotel, Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is known for its Halal Indonesian buffet, with their speciality being Balinese cuisine. Their consistently decent food, friendly service staff, and decent prices, has seen to the longevity of Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant, and it's still popular for large scale, Halal buffet meals.

Ambience at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is possibly it's weakest point. The spacious but dimly lit interior shows signs of age, though the solid wooden furniture is still sturdy after all these years. Decor is traditional Balinese, ranging from the iconic gate guardians / Balinese gate at the entrance, to the ornate carvings amongst the buffet spread, to the traditional kitchen utensils on the walls. While clean, I dislike the really dark, low ambient lighting.

Service at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is friendly and efficient. Staff will offer greetings when you enter / exit, and seat diners promptly. Very efficient at clearing away empty / dirty plates, always an important thing in a buffet. Note that they're quite polite, enquiring if you're done before clearing. Food is also regularly topped-up, so the food trays always look full, sufficient for all. However, not all staff can properly answer queries regarding each dish, and ingredients within.

Food at Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is Halal, with their focus being Indonesian / Balinese cuisine. The food in Bali, Indonesia, is noted for its savoury grilled meats and use of spices, in particular, the 8-spice mixture known as Bumbu. These are all present here, prepared by Chef I Gusti Nyoman Kaler and team. Dishes are generally tasty, heavy on flavourful sauces. Prices are reflective of a typical buffet, budget about SGD $50 per person for a meal here.


The interior is spacious but really dark, and the tables are cramped together. Also, noticed the chairs don't fit nicely between the table legs, which makes walking between tables difficult.

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant Entrance

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant Seating

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant Decor

These are factory made Crackers Fish & Prawn, which are pretty decent and tasty, and more importantly, crisp.

Crackers Fish & Prawn

Rather mild flavoured and thin Sop Ayam Bali / Balinese Clear Chicken Soup, though the chicken meat balls within are tasty and tightly packed.

Sop Ayam Bali / Balinese Clear Chicken Soup

The Nasi Kuning / Yellow Rice is fragrant and enticing in aroma, but some parts of the rice is clumpy. Still, I prefer eating this over the plain white rice.

Nasi Kuning / Yellow Rice

The Fish Colo Colo features fresh chunks of firm white fish fillets, which flake apart nicely when cut. Not too greasy, which I like. But the overall taste is decent at best, the thin batter does little to add flavour. You'll actually have to dip it in sauces to enhance the taste.

Fish Colo Colo

The Beef Rendang is tender and moist, with good savoury meat flavour. But the highlight is the deliciously yummy rendang sauce, which has a good kick of spices and heat. Highly recommended!

Beef Rendang

I felt the Lalapan Sambal Mangga Muda / Spicy Young Mango Salad was decent, with the crunch of the young, unripe mango being quite satisfiying. But the sauce I thought was a little thin in texture, though it has a nice spicy heat.

Lalapan Sambal Mangga Muda / Spicy Young Mango Salad

Loved the Lupis here, which is a steamed glutinous rice cake, garnished with dessicated coconut and sweet gula melaka / palm sugar. Really good, I actually found myself eating it on its own, almost like a dessert! Highly recommended!


The Satay Chicken & Beef here was the highlight of the entire buffet meal. The savoury, perfectly grilled skewers of meat are tender and tasty. People just kept going back for more of these, and it's actually worth to dine here just for these meat skewers! The satay sauce is inconsistent, early on, it's thick, rich and nutty. But after a few rounds, you can tell the kitchen is struggling to keep up with demand, because the satay sauce gets thinner and thinner, and later in the night, the consistency is watery. My suggestion is to go early enough so you get the best satay! Highly recommended!

Satay Chicken & Beef

You can cook your own Mee Bakso / Beef Meat Ball Noodles here. The best part of this dish is the savoury, tightly packed, bouncy beef meat balls, and the tasty soup / broth it's cooked in. I actually got another helping of meat balls on its own! Note that the soup / broth stock already has salt, so refrain from adding any more salt / sauce to it. Highly recommended!

Mee Bakso / Beef Meat Ball Noodles

The Lolos Beras / Rice Pudding With Palm Sugar is sweet and tasty, due to the gula melaka / palm sugar. But I didn't like the gloopy / gluey texture of the rice pudding, though the taste is rather fragrant because of the pandan / screwpine leaf essence.

Lolos Beras / Rice Pudding With Palm Sugar

The Bubur Injin Bali / Balinese Black Rice Pudding is among the best desserts here. The thick, rich, sweet, black glutinous rice pudding is nicely thick, but very filling. The coconut milk helps to cut through some of the richness, and lends a creamy texture to this delightful, comforting dessert. Highly recommended!

Bubur Injin Bali / Balinese Black Rice Pudding

While the taste of both the Ice Cream Coconut & Nata De Coco is essentially the same, creamy, nutty, floral taste of coconut, the difference lies in the addition of pandan / screwpine leaf flavour to the Nata De Coco ice cream. I prefer the straight-forward, natural taste of the normal Coconut ice cream though.

Ice Cream Coconut & Nata De Coco

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