The Chop Chop Selections

The Chop Chop Selections
348 Bedok Road
#02-01 Simpang Bedok Market Place

Carnivore Pit Stop

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 5
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $18 per person.


Located in the revamped Simpang Bedok Market Place, The Chop Chop Selections is a meat and seafood centric grill house and rotisserie. Think atas kopitiam Western hawker food. This prominent corner stall has a good range of grilled items on the menu, and they're known for taking great care in grilling your food.

Ambience at The Chop Chop Selections is similar to the rest of the stalls here, on account of the shared casual seating, and clean, bright atmosphere. Part of the appeal at The Chop Chop Selections is their range of meats on display, where you can browse and choose the type of cut you want. Love that they've also put effort into some decor, with several retro signages and a vespa!

Service at The Chop Chop Selections is completely self-service. Ordering, payment, and collection of orders and utensils is all done over the counter. Staff are able to make simple recommendations, though they can be slightly brusque, seemingly impatient for you to place your order. Waiting time is rather short, within 10 minutes, and they provide a buzzer to alert you for collection.

Food at The Chop Chop Selections is Western style hawker food, but done with great care. Thought is put into plating and presentation, and dishes are rather photogenic. Great care is taken in grilling meats and seafood, and I find their dishes to be tasty, and value for money. Portions are more than sufficient for 1 person, and prices at The Chop Chop Selections are comparable to a cafe, budget about SGD $18 per person for a meal here.


When in doubt, go for the items listed on the menu as 'Shiok!', as these have always been consistently above average in taste, and are grilled nicely.

The Chop Chop Selections Facade

The Chop Chop Selections Menu

The Premium Ribeye Steak (SGD $18.50), done rare, is tender, juicy, and packed with savoury beef flavour. The cut is a little thin I feel, but looks presentable, and for the price, is actually a pretty good cut of steak that is nicely grilled. The fresh iceberg lettuce and juicy cherry tomatoes lend a burst of colour and freshness, while the potato salad chunks are nicely chilled and crunchy in texture. Overall a satisfiying dish!

Ribeye Steak 01

Ribeye Steak 02

The Fish & Chips (SGD $9.90) is incredible value for money, and is rightly deserving of its signature 'Shiok!' status. The thick cut fillet of fish tastes fresh, without any fishy smell or slimy texture, and the firm white flesh flakes off nicely. Served with a small amount of salad, it lives up to its name by providing 2 types of chips; medium cut English style chips, and thin, crisp potato chips!

Fish & Chips 01

Fish & Chips 02

Fish & Chips 03

The BBQ Honey Ribs (SGD $15.90) I felt was a disappointment, as the portion looks small, due to them having already pre-cut the pork ribs. The taste is decent, with a nice, sweet, sticky honey glaze, but there isn't that much meat on the bone. I think it's not worth ordering.

BBQ Honey Ribs 01

BBQ Honey Ribs 02

The Grilled Salmon (SGD $16.50) is served with fresh iceberg lettuce and crunchy potato salad on the side. But the star is the fresh, albeit thin, slab of grilled salmon. With a crisp skin, firm, flaky fish flesh that is grilled to a light pink, then drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce glaze, which gives it a light sweetness and savoury umami taste. Pretty good dish worth ordering!

Grilled Salmon 01

Grilled Salmon 02