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Seabass (SGD $16.90)

Fast, Affordable, Casual French Dining

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 6
Ambience & Setting: 5
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 6
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $33 per person.


Founded in May 2011 by enterprising young chefs Dylan Ong and Joshua Khoo, Saveur had a simple premise; provide tasty yet affordable French food for the masses. Not only have they delivered on this promise all these years, but their increasing success has seen them expand and grow to own several outlets across Singapore under the Saveur brand.

Ambience at Saveur is simple, clean, and functional, though not that comfortable. Dark wooden tables and plastic chairs line the small space in the flagship Purvis Street outlet, lit by bright fluorescent lights. There is minimal decor here, and the cramped space is made stuffy and humid as a result of the open kitchen, and a weak air-conditioning. Definitely not a place to linger over meals. The other newer outlets tend to fare slightly better in air-conditioning, at least it's not uncomfortable.

Service at Saveur is decent, with staff offering greetings / goodbyes to diners. Guests arriving are quickly seated, and when asked, staff do display good product knowledge, able to describe in simple terms the various items on the menu, as well as offer recommendations. Orders are fulfilled quickly, usually within 10 minutes even during peak periods. Staff also turn over and set tables quickly. However, they're not proactive or observant, you'll usually have to prompt them to serve the next course, and there is minimal engagement.

Food at Saveur is rustic, straight forward, classic traditional French dishes. Dishes may not look pretty, but they pack good flavour and are tasty, with the main ingredient being the star of each plate. Portions are medium small, nicely sized for individuals. Prices are more affordable as compared to elsewhere, and Saveur is possibly among the cheapest, good quality French food in Singapore. Budget about SGD $33 per person for a 3 course meal without drinks here.


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The Beer Kronenbourg Blanc (SGD $10.90) is a great way to beat the heat of the day! This Belgian white beer has a light, clean body, with a bright golden colour, and a fruity, refreshing taste. Easy to drink with little bitterness, I love the fruity flavour it has!

Beer Kronenbourg Blanc (SGD $10.90)

The Mushroom Soup (SGD $4.90) here has a thin and light texture, but is still big on flavour, with an intense, savoury earthy taste of mushrooms. Smooth, without any chunks of mushroom within, the cup is topped with an espuma foam and sprinkled with dried mushroom powder, which lends a sharp, concentrated mushroom flavour. Good!

Mushroom Soup (SGD $4.90)

Mushroom Soup

The deep, robust crustacean flavour of the Seafood Bisque (SGD $8.90) makes it delicious, though I note it's heavy on the savoury taste, and rather light on the natural sweet taste of seafoood. This hearty, filling soup / broth has a medium thick texture, partially due to the cream, and is suitable for sharing. Garnished with 3 deshelled, butterfly prawns, which makes it easy and clean to eat!

Seafood Bisque (SGD $8.90)

Seafood Bisque

The lovely Salmon Confit (SGD $10.90) features a medium sized, half confit fillet of fresh salmon, served on a bed of crunchy chives, kombu, apple slices, and fennel, tossed in a zesty citrus lemon vinaigrette, with capers on the side. The beautifully pink, half-cooked salmon fish flesh is tender, clean, and smooth, and the crust of pepper and spring onions lend a burst of flavour. The salmon skin is fried till crisp, and crunches satisfiyingly. More than art on a plate with its beautiful presentation, it's deliciously light and extremely tasty. Highly recommended!

Salmon Confit (SGD $10.90)

Salmon Confit

Frankly, the Duck Rillette (SGD $7.90) didn't look very appetizing to me, due to its presentation in a ramekin with a gooey layer on top. But I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, the chilled shredded duck is sweet savoury, with only a slight hint of gamey taste. It paired well with the crisp slices of French baguette bread, fresh crunchy romaine lettuce leaves, and the sour sharp pickles of pearl onions and gherkins. Decent enough as an appetizer, and suitable for sharing.

Duck Rillette (SGD $7.90)

Duck Rillette

The signature Italian French Japanese fusion dish here, the Saveur's Pasta (SGD $4.90) features al-dente angel hair pasta noodles, topped with chopped kombu, pork sauce, tiny sakura ebi shrimp, and chili oil. Available as both an appetizer or a main course, I find this to be less tasty than some of their other dishes, and personally, I can't see why this is a signature item.

Saveur's Pasta (SGD $4.90)

Saveur's Pasta

Saveur's Pasta

Loved the well executed Duck Confit (SGD $13.90), with its large duck leg that has tender, moist, savoury meat that comes easily off the bone, and a savoury salty skin that has a little amount of fat. Served on a bed of thick, creamy mashed potatoes, which folds easily, instead of being clumpy or gooey, excellent! On the side are soft, earthy shiitake mushroom slices, along with juicy sweet, but small, slices of Mandarin oranges, which lend an interesting fruity contrast of taste. Good!

Duck Confit (SGD $13.90)

Duck Confit

The hearty Beef Bourguignon With Potato Au Gratin (SGD $17.90) features tender beef, slow braised till it falls apart when sliced. Served with a savoury, meaty, beef au jus and and red wine gravy, along with tender, earthy shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and pearl onions, which lend texture to the dish. A side of layered seasonal potatoes and cream, with a sweet savoury floral taste, and a soft, slightly chewy, yet not mushy texture, completes this dish. Good!

Beef Bourguignon With Potato Au Gratin (SGD $17.90)

Beef Bourguignon With Potato Au Gratin

Beef Bourguignon

Potato Au Gratin

The simply named and simply executed Seabass (SGD $16.90) has been pan-seared and topped with earthy alfalfa sprouts, with its savoury sweet, tender white fish flesh flakes off easily, while the crunchy, salty skin has a nice crisp texture. Fresh and satisfiying! The small amount of vichy carrot and caper vinaigrette however, did little to add to the flavour of the dish, though it did lend colour and a nice vibrant feeling. The tender sauteed potatoes were decent in flavour, but the addition of crab meat, while lending a slightly sweet crustacean taste, sort of distracts from the fish. Tasty, but confused dish.

Seabass (SGD $16.90)


The Half Oven Roasted Chicken (SGD $15.90) was a disappointment, and quite possibly the weakest dish I had here. While I had no issue with the creamy smooth truffle mashed potatoes and buttery crunchy savoy cabbage, the actual chicken itself was firm and dry in texture, making it tough to eat. At least the savoury salty taste of the chicken, particularly intense in the au jus and chicken skin, made it delicious. But I didn't finish this out of frustration with the texture. Skip this.

Half Oven Roasted Chicken (SGD $15.90)

Half Oven Roasted Chicken

The Pork Belly (SGD $12.90) features thick yet tender slices of pork belly, savoury with a silver of fat between the layers of succulent meat, topped with a crisp skin. Served on a bed of Garbure French ham and vegetable stew, consisting of soft melt-in-your-mouth cannellini beans, salty pancetta ham, cabbage, peas, carrots, along with a sous vide egg. A dash of pepper, and a streak of sharp mustard, and this delicious, hearty, French comfort dish is complete. Loved it, would order again. Highly recommended!

Pork Belly (SGD $12.90)

Pork Belly

An example of French Japanese fusion, the Creme Brulee Matcha Green Tea (SGD $7.90) dessert has a smooth, creamy custard, topped with a thin, crisp caramelised crust that shatters beautifully. The flavour is light and floral, not too intense or artificial, sweet without being cloying. Well balanced dessert!

Creme Brulee Matcha Green Tea (SGD $7.90)

Creme Brulee Matcha Green Tea

The Cookies & Milk (SGD $9.90) is a modern, deconstructed dessert. A layer of honey cloud espuma foam covers a cookie dough ice cream, sitting on a bed of crunchy milk soil, with cherry kirsch and peanut butter, topped with popping rock candy. The surprising fizz and crackle of the candy gives way to the sweet, milky texture of the foam and ice cream, followed by the earthy, nutty taste of the gravy. Excellent French dessert, I enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommended!

Cookies & Milk (SGD $9.90)

Cookies & Milk

The Salted Caramel Lava Cake (SGD $12.90) is excellent. While the creamy home made vanilla ice cream, crushed peanuts, and slice of strawberry are decent, the real star is the soft, moist, Valrhona Dulcey French chocolate lava cake. Hidden within is a fountain of thick, rich, luscious, molten salted caramel sauce, flavoured with Madon sea salt. Cut just a little into it, and the liquid gold just rushes out! Taste is delicious, salty sweet and well balanced, without being too cloying. Excellent, the gold standard for all lava cakes! Highly recommended!

Salted Caramel Lava Cake (SGD $12.90)

Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Salted Caramel Lava Cake


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