252 North Bridge Road
#02-19 Raffles City

501 Orchard Road
#B2-01 Wheelock Place

Lucky Clover Pizza (SGD $15)

Modern Meat-Free & Vegetarian Meals

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 9
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $32 per person.


Part of the Wowprime Group from Taiwan, Sufood is a meat-free, vegetarian restaurant offering wholesome, Italian inspired dishes prepared according to the Chinese 5 colour vegetable philosophy (Yellow-Sunny, White-Comfy, Purple-Tasty, Green-Pure, Red-Lively). Opening in May 2014, the innovative concept of Sufood was among the first of its kind in Singapore, quickly attracting competitors into its niche market. She loves this place, and decided to bring me here!

Ambience at Sufood is modern refined, with curvy, wavy lines reflecting a serene atmosphere of calm. Quiet alcoves, lined with functional tables and plush booths, have been carved out, with splashes of red intersecting the space. While great for privacy, the layout also makes attracting the attention of staff very difficult. The 5 colour philosophy is also reflected in the design, straight lighted bars of yellow, white, purple, red, and green, adorn the place.

Service at Sufood is very good. Staff are attentive and efficient, speaking quietly and professionally with diners. They even check for dietary requirements, before making recommendations on what to order! I note they clear empty / dirty tables and plates very quickly. Orders are fulfilled fast, usually within 10 minutes. Staff also regularly check on your dining experience, and ask for feedback on the meal. During payment, I was overcharged by accident, a mistake which staff quickly rectified and apologied for.

Food at Sufood is vegetarian, a healthy, wholesome, completely meat-free dining experience. Each dish uses fresh ingredients, prepared according to the 5 colour philosophy, plated to resemble Western Italian presentation, and is tasty and healthy. Ordering the set meal is possibly the most value for money, instead of the individual ala-carte items. Prices are slightly high for the quality and quantity of food, budget about SGD $32 per person for a meal here. Personally, I feel other similar places execute this concept better.


Sufood Facade

The Sufood Appetizer (SGD $5) features a trio of small bites. The Yuca Root With Blueberry Coulis has a crunchy texture, with the fruity sauce lending a sharp, sour sweet taste. The chewy Okra With Alfalfa Sprouts is fresh and grassy in taste, with a nutty earthy flavour from the sauce. The Cherry Tomato Osmanthus Jelly is bright, juicy, and bold in taste, with a floral sweetness. Staff will inform you that is a certain order to eating this!

The Sufood Appetizer (SGD $5)

Yuca Root With Blueberry Coulis

Okra With Alfalfa Sprouts

Cherry Tomato Osmanthus Jelly

The Rosemary Breadsticks With Sweet Mustard (SGD $3) didn't really appeal to me. The texture of the rosemary herb infused breadstick wavers between firm and crunchy, and soft and doughy, not good. And the sauce was rather weak as well, being mildy sharp and sour. The Apple Cider Vinegar on the side helps to cleanse the palate, I found this quite good, as it lacks the intense sharpness of other versions, making it more pleasant to consume.

Rosemary Breadsticks With Sweet Mustard (SGD $3)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Loved the Mushroom Salad (SGD $6), with its mix of button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli, dressed in a savoury sour vinegar and garlic sauce. The vegetables are fresh, clean tasting, juicy, and earthy... comforting and satisfiying! Highly recommended!

Mushroom Salad (SGD $6)

The Root Soup (SGD $6) is a thin, light, but hearty, vegetable soup / broth, with sliced burdock root, lotus root, and cashew nuts within. The contrast of texture between chewy and crunchy is rather delightful, and the overall taste is earthy, nutty, sweet, and savoury. Good!

Root Soup (SGD $6)

The Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle (SGD $14) features large, tender slices of king oyster mushroom, crunchy rocket leaves / arugula, juicy cherry tomatoes, dressed in olive oil, on a bed of fragrant charcoal infused tagliatelle pasta noodles. Designed to resemble a typical squid ink pasta, it's incredibly pretty to look at! But I didn't like the texture of the pasta, it was much too soft for me, not al-dente or springy enough. I enjoyed the fresh vegetables though, especially the mushrooms!

Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle (SGD $14)

Loved the filling Lucky Clover Pizza (SGD $15), shaped like a 6-leaf clover, designed to bring luck! A crunchy pizza dough base is topped with broccoli, lion's mane mushrooms, bell peppers / capsicums, and scallions, making for a crunchy, chewy, sweet, savoury, earthy treat! They even provide a plastic glove if you choose to eat it with your hands. Highly recommended!

Lucky Clover Pizza (SGD $15)

The Mango Frollino (SGD $5) is a layered dessert cake, with mango cubes, blueberries, and a creamy custard, topped with whipped cream and a fresh blueberry. Earthy and sweet, this is pretty tasty, but I find the name odd, as a typical frollino is actually a biscuit, not a cake.

Mango Frollino (SGD $5)

The Yuzu Chamomile Tea (SGD $3.90) is soothing and calming, floral and sweet with a hint of sharp sour citrus taste. The beverage representing the colour purple, The Tasty (SGD $3.90) is a fruity juice blend of honeydew, cabbage, and grape juice, with a floral, sweet, earthy taste.

Yuzu Chamomile Tea (SGD $3.90)

The Tasty (SGD $3.90)